On/off hueler here

I have two boxes of (what I thought were 3 vanilla per box, 6 total) but when I opened them I have a total of 3 vanilla, and 3 unflavored,unsweetened. I took the U/U off my subscription because it tasted like pulpy cardboard, even after buying the flavor packs. Is there any way I can swap out these 3 U/U, I cannot fathom trying to taste them again. I have the Packing List and perhaps when I took off the U/U it did not update?

Just last month, I changed my subscription to get 3 chocolates. I just signed in and saw my next shipment was going to be for 6 bags!! I tried removing the chocolates, but got a “quantity error” even though I still had not changed my subscription. I ended up canceling my subscription just so everything would zero out and I can start again. I think you guys have some IT database issues or something.

Anyway what can be done about getting rid of this U/U?

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The good news is that the new Huel flavor additives now contain stevia. So they have a sweetener in addition to the flavoring. The caramel flavor works pretty well with U/U Huel. I’m trying to use up my own UU supply and that’s the trick I’m using. You just have to use a more liberal amount. Just thought I’d toss that option.

The other option is blending in a banana, peanut butter, using milk instead of water, and adding cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. That combo works real well for U/U. Or using banana and berries is another option for U/U. You just have to use a liberal amount.

Don’t worry @insanityfan one of the Customer Experience guys will be in to save the day on this soon!

@insanityfan I dont think any flavor helps to change the way it is, but try add to 2g of splenda along with U/U powder in water. This changes the taste a lot, it tastes a lot better

Hey @insanityfan. So sorry about the troubles you’ve had! I’m going to DM you here to verify your account info and then I’ll help you out with the U/U issue. :slight_smile:

I mix half unflavored/unsweetened powder with regular vanilla flavored powder, then blueberries and banana or whatever fruit you like. Tastes fine that way. If not sweet enough I add a little real maple syrup in as well and blend. Blender is the ticket!!

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