Stomach issues with Sucralose

I’m a new customer. I bought the 3.0 in Vanilla and Chocolate. I started drinking a shake a day starting Aug 1st. I really like how it tastes and it’s convenience. I knew I would need to ease into it, since I don’t eat a lot of fiber. The guide said to drink one shake a day for 3-5 days. Then day 3, I got some stomach issues, diarrhea, gas. So I stuck with 1 a day until now, the 14th. Then I read a forum posting, about someone having similar issues and mentioned that there was sucralose in 3.0. I know from past experience that my body does not tolerate sucralose. I really like Huel, and would like to try the Black Vanilla and the U/U, since there isn’t sucralose in it. Is there any way to exchange the 3.0 I have for those flavors? I saw that I can exchange it if it’s a first order, which it was. I also forgot to give my friend credit for her recommendation. Thank you for any help you can give.

Does the v3.0 vanilla smell like cake batter?

I was surprised how much Black Vanilla reminds me of cake batter. I usually use only U/U but wanted to try Black - now I mix a scoop of each. The unsweetened does help mellow the intensity of “cake”

I definitely recommend the natural sugar in Huel Black; it’s yummy in chocolate and vanilla (aka cake)

Yeah it kinda does smell like cake batter. I’ll have to try the Black. Thanks.

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More than half of the ingredients comes from China. When you go onto the National Geographic website, you’ll see that 85% or more of all fresh water in China is polluted. This will be with sewage and/or chemical pollutants, which means the soy and other foods are grown in it.
Unfortunately no other countries can compete with China in prices. As a communist country the Chinese government subsidies mostly 100% of shipping to other countries. Therefore people wanting to make maximum profits in other countries buy the cheapest products, ie: China. This also applies to just about any supplement you can buy these days.

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Hi Kobus, I appreciate your concerns but they are not of concern in relation to Huel. I can see you commented on this thread but it’s worth reading thoroughly if you haven’t already: New Article - How Huel and the Huel Ingredients are Produced

Additionally, if we felt the ingredients that we have from China are of a concern do you think we would be using them or make it so obvious and transparent on our website. Unless you have any sources that directly conflict with the specific quality procedures, ingredients or testing results we have provided details on it’s best not to generalize.

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The fact is that the water is polluted to a large degree and the food id grown in this water and soil. Which means what is exported can be harmful to us. Do you test for heavy metals, for example?
I’m not making any of this up. See below.

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No, I know you’re not making it up. If you questioning whether we test for heavy metals it’s worth reading through this article.

Its nothing new…quoted from another article: “Food production today is a global enterprise, under-girded by investors who see agriculture in terms of dividends and derivatives, not nutrition, health or access to food.”

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Let’s make the search icon our friend :slight_smile:

if you look at the chemical, sucralose has a lot of chlorine. Swallowing chlorine isn’t healthy.

Hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ) can kill you if you drink it. Water ( H2O ) is necessary to all life. They both are made of only hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is necessary to live as well. Hydrogen peroxide has twice as much oxygen as water. Chemicals are not just the sum of their atoms.


You get more chlorine in your body from swimming in a pool than you do from eating sucralose. And swimming in a pool, even if i accidentally swallowed some pool water, never upset my stomach.

It’s not the same. The chloride atoms can’t detach from the overall molecule. @Cellcubed has given a good example. The other one I would give is remove a hydrogen from water and you have a hydrogen monoxide, a poisionous gas.

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I clicked like on your comment before I actually looked up the chemical you mentioned. Apparently it’s not possible to unlike something on these forums after liking it, so instead I will reply to it. I can’t find anything supporting the existence of a poisonous gas called hydrogen monoxide. I found hydroxide which is OH but that doesn’t seem to be a poisonous gas and it also seems to be a naturally occurring part of water. Maybe you were thinking of carbon monoxide? Anyway… I’m not trying to be argumentative. I just don’t want people to read this and go spreading misinformation. Which I think is the intention of both of our replies to the sucralose has chlorine fears comment.

Yes you’re right sorry, this is why I shouldn’t do these things on a Monday morning. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide was the example I meant.

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While it is recommended to mix Huel with 16oz of dihydrous monoxide, you really want to make sure to not get any into your lungs…

drinking water = good
breathing water = drowning

c’mon, someone made a whole site- that’s funny.


Idk why this is being debated - it says ‘chloropropanols’ is what it degrades to - so yes, the chlorine does detach - and yes, it does turn from one innocent chemical to a bad one. I’m really debating in my head if this is a legit site after seeing this.

Your turning this into a joke? I’m glad I’m online, as I wouldn’t want to get poisoned by something and then someone says to me ‘you know you shouldn’t get dihydroen monoxide in your lungs’.

Not a joke.

Huel doesn’t contain poison.

Sorry you took offense

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