3.1 UU stomach discomfort

I currently have v3.1 USPOWUNFLAB3.1-001. I don’t know what my previous batch was because I threw out the pouch before realizing that there seems to be an issue with the current batch.

It looks different: it looks a bit more clumpy than the previous batch. It tastes about the same to me. My complaint is that I get noticeable stomach discomfort almost immediately after consuming it: I feel nauseous. This has been happening reliably every day for the last week or so since I started using the current batch. I don’t mix it with anything: I just have UU and water.

The expiry date is 1/27/25 so that’s unlikely to be the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this with 3.1?

Hello! I’m so sorry to hear your current batch of Unflavored & Unsweetened isn’t living up to expectations! Could you please email our customer experience team at support@huel.com with your order number and the batch details (Alphanumeric on the bottom lower corner of the back of the bag usually 2 letters and 4 numbers like RN1234). They will be happy to look into this for you!

Thanks Kathryn. Email sent.