Trouble digesting powder vs RTD?

Hi, I’ve been using Huel for over 3 or 4 months now. Started w/ powder vanilla and berry for breakfast & lunch (2 scoops each serving) and my normal crap diet for dinner. I expected trouble adjusting as my normal diet is fairly horrible. Basically fast food, pizza or mac/cheese for dinner and way too much sugar in between. Struggled with heartburn & diarrhea from teh beginning. Next step substituted ready to drink for lunch. Tried probiotics. I thought I found the trick when I cut to one heaping scoop for breakfast mixed w/ a heaping teaspoon of Acacia fiber (Heather’s tummy fiber for IBS) and Omeprazole. Seemed to make a huge difference for a week or two, now I’m back to close to where I started with the diarrhea. I really wanted this to work, but for all the crap I’ve consumed over the years I’ve never had to supplement regularly like this to get through my day… I’m going to have to drop the powder and just try the RTD and see if there’s an improvement. Is there that much of a difference between the two formulas? I skimmed a thread regarding acid reflux and an intolerance to uncooked oats was mentioned. Is that the difference between the two formulas?

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Try the Unflavored/Unsweetened- your gut bacteria might not like the sucralose. Besides being way too sweet, i couldn’t stand the bloating - yes, even accounting for the extra fiber, which is in the U/U also but doesn’t give the same gas.

You might want to mix about 20-25% of the suggested water with some kind of juice. Orange doesn’t seem very good in Huel, so stick with red and blue.

Will give it a shot, thanks! Of all the crap I’ve put in my body for the last 5o years artificial sweeteners haven’t been high on the list so its worth a try. Is there not sucralose in the RTD though? I’m pretty sure that doesn’t bother me. Will confirm this week when I eliminate the powder for now…

Blending 2 medjool dates (minus the pits) into my Unflavored Huel seemed to do the trick. It made it about as sweet as Vanilla Huel. I could then add banana and PB powder and cinnamon. It was a pretty good combination.

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There is sucralose in RTD.

There has been some research on gut issues and sucralose. However, nothing has been conclusive at dietary doses and I would put many other factors above sucralose first, such as fibre intake.

You can out more here: Is sucralose safe to eat? – Huel

Sucralose is about 500 times the sweetness of sucrose. Many artificial sweeteners are like this. Hence, the actual amount of sucralose in products like Huel is very very small. It’s merely a few milligrams.

It sounds like your issue might not necessarily be fiber related so to speak. Perhaps you have a gut health issue. I would recommend buying some Florastor. It is the best GI Probiotic on the market. My GI doctor at the Mayo Clinic told me to start taking it over a decade ago and it changed everything for me! It is truly one of the only benign, non-gimmicky health solutions for these types of issues. From your post, you have not been too concerned with what you put in your body for most of your life, until now. It is possible that something as simple as this supplement along with a gradual addition of the Huel powder in order to prepare yourself and your body for the changes in your eating habits and digestion could really resolve your issues. Good luck!

(P.S. Amazon & Costco usually have the best price on Florastor if you do look into it :wink:)

Florastor order placed! I’ve tried some other probiotics without luck, but giving it a shot. Thanks!