Sweetness equivalents

I know the calorie count of Huel but I was wondering if anyone knew the Sweetness Equivalents of vanilla Huel? How much high intensity sweetener (HIS) is used to make a serving of Vanilla Huel?
The reason I am asking is because I would like to know how much sugar I am tricking my body into not consuming each day. The joy and concern of HIS is that you can independently adjust sweetness to calories. With my 2000 daily calories of Huel, am I thinking I am drinking 8000 calories or only 1000 calories?

Huel for thought

Hi @Davidk - we haven’t worked out the SE. But this info may help - you can see the amount of Sucrloase in US v1.0 vanilla in our Guide to Sucralose article - 17.8mg per 100g; and the stevia is 80mg and the reb A form.

Hope that helps?