Added Sugar in new Huel

New Huel is frustrating. Now with added sugar, and less protein per gram. I feel that subscribers should be made aware of changes before a package ships.

The protein per gram is the same. And it seems yes, there is one gram of added sugar per serving.

Maybe it has to do with rounding, when showing nutrients for 2,000 calories, but divide a serving size in grams, by the number of grams of protein, they’re still the same. :slight_smile:

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If my math is correct, the Huel Vanilla 1.0 had 148g of protein per 2000kcal and the new Huel Vanilla 1.1 has 145g of protein per 2000kcal. Not a big difference, though I do supplement more protein as I aim for about 225g of protein per day personally.

The added sugar is disheartening as we now get 10g of sugar per 2000kcal from all of the new versions of Huel. Although this is much less than most other food products. My guess is that they needed to add additional sweetener to counter the increased fiber they added to the new formula.

3 grams of added sugar per 2000 calories is virtually negligible in terms of overall nutrition, IMO. And considering we now see a 9 gram increase in fiber, I think new Huel is still superior.

But I can see how see how some people would like to have been notified via email about upcoming changes to their subscription.

Let me explain the reason for this…

We don’t ‘add’ any sugar to Huel Powder. This is where sugar is present in some of the compound ingredients (vit blend, MCT powder, flavor system) in tiny amounts. As these are effectively ‘added’ to the recipe, they have to be labelled as ‘Added Sugar’ even though it’s not sucrose sugar. This is US labeling regulations.

Also US labeling regulations require rounding of amounts to the nearest whole number. The actual amount is just 0.54g per serving and 2.67g per 2,000kcal (less in Unflavored & Unsweetened).

Is this really an issue? If you feel it is, do note the GI of Huel is low.