New Vanilla Sweeteners

I’m new to Huel, and I have to say, I’m a big fan of the vanilla flavor!

Like many others, my only concern with Huel was the sucralose. This link has eased my concerns, but it sounds like stevia was not being used in the vanilla flavor when that guide was written. The vanilla pack I received (and have enjoyed greatly) lists both stevia and sucralose as ingredients. Is this an update to the recipe? If so, is the 132.37mg number cited in the Guide to Sucralose out of date? Can we get an update on the amount of sucralose (and stevia) in vanilla Huel?

Hi - glad you’re loving Huel.

Thanks for raising this. The article is translated from the UK v2.2 formula (with no stevia); the sucralose is less in the US formula. I’ll revise the last section.

Thanks! It looks like the iron content is lower in the US version also. Is there anywhere that lays out all the differences between the formulas?

No, but that might actually be a nice little article…

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