Advice on sweeteners!

Hi there! I’m new to using Huel and like a fool I decided not to trust my gut and got the unsweetened and unflavored mix. I’ve been mixing with vanilla almond milk but it’s a little expensive and one box of almond milk honestly only lasts for about three servings of Huel. I’m gonna try mixing it with water as that’s more sustainable but I’m wondering what sweetener I should use that won’t have it taste like crap.

I like the cappuccino and chocolate flavor boosts and am using those (LOVE the capuccino) and am not looking to add things like berries and stuff yet simply because they’re expensive where I live. I have heard powdered peanut butter is an option but I wanted to know if anyone has tried anything else as a sweetener that turned out well for them!


I have issues with both aspartame and sucralose, but for me personally, stevia has worked very well.

It takes a little while getting used to stevia’s taste (it’s a little bit less pure-sweetness than some of the others), but it doesn’t seem to cause me the migraines that aspartame does, nor the (anecdotally, this one isn’t a clear) depression spikes that sucralose seems to.

I use about 1/8 t of stevia powder along with a gently rounded 1/2 t of flavor boost in 110-125g servings of Huel…

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I got second Liam’s endorsement of Stevia. Yeah, I know it’s the stuff that Walt poisoned with Ricin to kill off Lydia. That was the first time I had really heard of it. But my significant other swears by this stuff. So I started borrowing a little of hers for my morning tea and to flavor up the Unflavored Huel mixes. Gotta say, it tastes better than Sucralose. Even just a half packet does the trick. And stevia is now available in grocery store generic packets, so cost should be reasonable.

I imagine Stevia and peanut butter or PB powder would be great with U/U Huel. My GF’s Huel is stevia + cappuccino powder and peanut butter.


I tried stevia and unfortunately it had no effect whatsoever. Couldnt taste a difference. Stevia itself tastes kind of…fake, TOO artificial. Like obviously, its not real sugar but it’s not a good taste.

I was recommended Swerve, another sugar alternative and it tastes WAY better. Getting it in confectioner’s style as opposed to the granular also made heaps of difference. My go to right now is using a blender and tossing in a whole banana, some peanut butter powder, the chocolate flavor boost, and then, if necessary, adding the Swerve (using the U/U huel mix).

Swerve is erythritol, which has its own issues.

There is no one size fits all for non-sugar sweeteners. Stevia has its drawbacks, but for many, it’s the best option, and they’re willing to accept the taste not being as good for the fact that it doesn’t have some of the health issues.

For others, it DOES have health issues, and that’s going to be true of anything. Based on the reading I’ve done, stevia has the lowest profile of ill side effects of the various sweetener options… but does come with the down side that it’s not quite as “pure” a sweetness as other things. Then again, if pure sweetness is your primary goal, just go with sugar and be done with it.

Luckily for me, sweetness isnt my primary goal.


I use half almond milk and half water to make it stretch. I have also used Nesquick Strawberry and Hersheys Strawberry. Haven’t tried Stevia yet. But it’s actually not bad by itself once you let it soak over night or for about a hour or a trip to or from work in a Yeti thermos or whatever.

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I found monk fruit sweetener to be the best sweetener option for my U/U Huel. Also, if you were to get a pouch of Vanilla Huel, I also really like mixing the U/U with the Vanilla for just the right amount of sweetness. My current favorite hack though is a splash of hazelnut coffee creamer.

Boom. Didn’t realize that. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. Osmotic laxative effect if consume too much. [Backing away cautiously.]