Sweet and Sour Huel

I just received my box of Huel Hot and Savory. I got the Sweet and Sour, Tomato and Herb, Mexican Chili, and Yellow Coconut Curry. So I tried the Sweet and Sour on my lunch break from working at home.

Pretty easy to make. I will need to invest in a kettle to boil water. But for now, the microwave will work.

The taste was good. Not what I expected, but good. I expected the “Chinese food sweet and sour” taste, but it was not that sticky-sweet sweet and sour sauce taste. It was light and mild flavored. Being American, it is not what we would consider sweet and sour. It was good. I put some boiled chicken breast in for some extra protein.

The bags were a bit smaller than what I am used to with Huel. But 4 bags will make 28 meals. So I cannot complain. For the price, it is cheaper than eating traditional food.

Between the Hot and Cold Huels, I pay about $170.00 per month. Normally, that is a little more than my weekly budget for food. So definitely a money saver.

Good one, Huel. Economic, tasty, quick to prepare, and convenient.


So glad to hear you are enjoying Hot & Savoury and that it is helping you save money additionally :muscle: