Doubling the Flavor Options - Three New Flavors of H&S! 🌶

Time to get cozy with three new flavors of Huel Hot and Savory - Spicy Indian Curry, Yellow Coconut Curry, and zingy Sweet and Sour!! :fire:

So, what about the taste?

  1. Our spiciest flavor yet, Spicy Indian Curry contains fiery tomato, sweet potato, and spices.
  2. A creamier addition to the Hot and Savory flavor options, Yellow Coconut Curry contains succulent raisins, cilantro, and creamy coconut to provide the perfect balance of creaminess and flavor.
  3. Sweet and Sour provides our tangiest flavor profile to date! It contains sweet pineapple, zesty peppers, and scallions!

Level of Spice

  1. Spicy Indian Curry - :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:
  2. Yellow Coconut Curry - Not spicy
  3. Sweet and Sour - Not spicy

I’ve done a bit of experimenting myself with Sweet and Sour H&S and recommend you use a bit more water (closer to 8 ounces) rather than the typical 7-7.5 ounces! As always, this is just a recommendation and let us know what works best for you! :grin:

Now the choice just got even more difficult - which flavors will you try first? #Huel


Wow Wow Wow! New flavors sound tantalizing.
Thank you for listening to the customer.


I may have to change my order date and flavors. :+1:t2:


What other flavors do we have coming down the line? I typically don’t go for spicy or savory drinks.

Huel’s Hot and Savory aren’t drinks - they’re meals (technically, the standard Huel is a meal that you drink - I mean Hot and Savory is a meal in that it requires a fork or spoon for consumption). But there are new flavors for the drinks too - Banana, Salted Caramel, and Caffè Latte.

This looks great! I can’t wait to try the new curry flavors, since I already love the Green Thai Curry flavors. (I usually do a huel black for breakfast and a Hot and Savory for my lunch, so it’s nice to have some more variety with both of these.)

Oh wow! Thought they were like the normal Huel shakes. Learn something new everyday!

The three new flavors of Huel seem interesting, however if they have any alternative sugars in them I can’t digest them. :disappointed_relieved:

Not sure about the sweetener in v3.0, but I’m pretty sure the Black Edition uses Coconut sugar.

I do prefer the hot and savory though - it does cost more, but I mostly use Huel for lunch when I don’t have time to make it. Something about drinking room temp/cold shakes made me crave junk food after a couple of days.

Curry, Yellow Curry and Sweet and Sour? Has someone at Huel been reading my mind?


Just switched up my next order to include the Yellow Coconut Curry and Sweet and Sour flavors. Can’t wait to try them. Variety AND some spice in my life! Thanks Huel!

Please do let us know what you think - as new products we love hearing feedback from you guys!

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I can’t say if I had a bad scoop or if I used too much water, but my palate did not pick up a lot of flavor from the Yellow Coconut Curry. Which is fine! I also have never had an actual non-spicy coconut curry. I do think it is the flavor that would be the best oatmeal substitute, particularly if I sprinkled on some cinnamon and sweetener…

Hmm, yes. Yellow Coconut Curry needs more flavor. Sweet and sour is OK, but could use some pineapple. Haven’t tried the hot Indian curry yet.