Average Guy Hot and Savory Review

Hey! So I am a returning user of Huel. I originally was using the powder drinks but grew tired of it just due to me being a foodie. I need more than just liquid sustenance…

Boom :boom:!! Huel Hot and Savory

Saw the ad and immediately ordered. Shipping was great and fast. 2 bags of Green Thai Curry and 1 bag of Tomato Basil

Green Curry

Being a fan of thai food, I was excited for the green curry. Maybe my expectations were too high because I found the Curry to be very bland. I filled the boiling water to the line in the Huel pot and it waited the five minutes. It smelled light, and taste was underwhelming. I added some extra salt and that helped. Also, even with the five minutes, it was still very crunchy. I extended the cooking time to 8 and there was still crunchy bits. I think it was the quinoa.

Tomato Basil

This one was significantly better. Filled Huel pot to the line. After the five minutes, it was still bland but this was at least reminiscent of the flavor. I added some salt and it helped.

I tried the second time but instead of to the line I just filled enough to cover the seeds. That was the right ratio for me. I felt like I could really taste the tomato now. Added some chicken and I felt like I finally hit what I was looking for.

Im going to try the green Thai Curry tomorrow but instead only just above the grains and add chicken. Maybe add some green curry paste.


Kind of bland if you fill to the line. Taste better if you just fill enough to soak the grains. Green Curry is underwhelming. Tomato Basil is good. Add protein.