Sweet and Sour add-ins

Hey Heuligans! I finally tried my new bag of H&S sweet & sour yesterday. The smell from the fresh bag was amazing! Once it was prepared, it was good, but much milder flavor than expected. I kept thinking it needed a fresh note. Today, I added some Tony Chachere’s (I am in Louisiana), and some pineapple chunks in juice. WOW! I didn’t add a lot of either, but it was just what it needed. My first time adding was a success! Had to share, it was so good!


I like to add a little hot sauce to my Sweet & Sour from time to time when I am feeling a little bit of a kick :wink:

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I can relate! I thought a little pineapple would give good tang, but not having I gave a splash of lemon juice and sprinkle of sugar to offset. Sometimes I too add hot sauce depending what I’m feeling.

I feel sweet chilli sauce would be good for both sweet and hot, but I’m currently out to test it.

I love exploring what combos and add ins work just to mix it up, though I like all of them and appreciate the flavors chosen.

Pineapple chunks seems like a great idea. I think cilantro is a good addition.