Surprisingly impressed

Just got my Huel (vanilla) a few days ago and have been doing 1 shake a day. I was fully prepared to be disgusted and have to force my way through the product, but it’s actually quite good! I have found that I do prefer it plenty cold. I make the shake when I wake up and place it in the fridge while I go about my routine (coffee, shower, etc.). By the time I am ready, out the door, and on my way to work, it is cold, slightly thickened, and a nice consistency. I haven’t had any clumping/mixing issues. I did try the product alone, when I first got it, and I think it tastes like Cream of Wheat hot cereal. Since initial use, I have been adding pure peanut butter powder (sugarless) and organic powdered banana to the shake and it is the greatest combo. It went from pretty good to perfect breakfast.

I think it’s perfect for an on-the-go complete meal. I have a pretty fast metabolism and when coupled with a busy lifestyle (and hatred of early eating), it is often hard for me to fit in a full days worth of nutrients and calories to maintain weight. The shakes have helped by creating an easy, filling meal to help balance and round out my caloric intake while adding needed proteins. I think it may play a pretty key role in my attempt to “get healthy” and put on some weight/muscle.

I would list some cons, but so far I haven’t found any. I have been very lucky, I guess, and haven’t been having terrible gas issues that some are reporting. Actually, the added fiber has just made me more regular. It may be a placebo effect, but I think the vitamins and minerals have really helped with energy levels and fatigue. I’m not very good at balancing my diet, so i’m sure my vitamin levels were lacking.

All in all, i’m looking forward to continued use and maybe trying some recipes and other uses of the product. I may eventually get some flavor boosters, but a lot of the reviews don’t really make it seem like they’re worth it. I’ll likely just try various other organic fruit powders and products on my own.


Welcome on board, James! :steam_locomotive: Peanut butter banana sounds like the best way to kick off a busy day.

Excited to follow along your journey!

This post made me curious about the banana powder. Ordered it and am gonna try it in my Huel when it comes in.


I am doing my best to stick with powders and “easy” add-ins. I don’t want to have to deal with blending in the mornings or cleaning the blender every day. If it’s not convenient, then I won’t stick with it (part of why my nutrition was lacking in the first place). This powder that I have is not bad. Serving is equal to 1 banana, doesn’t taste too chalky (that I can tell), organic and no add-ins, and shakes in easily. It doesn’t taste quite as strong as a fresh banana, but also doesn’t add that weird blended banana slime texture that i’m not a fan of, so it balances out, in my opinion.


I’m all for easy add-ins for my Huel too. Full disclosure: I’ve only ever blended my Huel once and that’s when I was making a big batch for my visiting family to try. Just not a fan of cleaning blenders, tbh. Other easy add-ins I use are (obviously) our flavor boosts (currently loving strawberry and chocolate mixed), hazelnut coffee creamer, cold brew, cinnamon and almond milk, and powdered chocolate peanut butter - not all at once, but you get the picture. :yum:


I haven’t tried coffee flavors yet. Definitely going to try that next :+1:


I have been drinking Huel for 2 weeks now. I am still enjoying it quite a bit. Haven’t tired of it at all. Still (and probably always will) enjoying how quick and easy it is.

For results, I have gained 6 lbs since adding Huel to my diet. It has been a wonderful and healthy addition, assists in caloric intake, essential nutrients, and is a great way to add some extra protein. I do not have a single negative thing to say about the product, and consider it to be one of the best purchases I’ve made in quite a while :+1:

Looking forward to reporting further gains, in the future :grin:


Ordered banana powder. Tried it twice. Got the same reaction.

Green Banana powder, you just make “the list”. Yeah, I have a list of foods that trigger my re-flux. It’s not as bad as my arch nemesis, spinach, but it sucked pretty bad.

My current Huel: 1 scoop, + 1/3c frozen blue berries and about 10oz of cranberry juice and some chia seeds. But play with your favorite fruit juice - maybe sub 2 oz ice for juice. I also stick it in a nutribullet for a minute or so to stir everything up.

Just got my first auto subscription delivery. It charged and arrived on-time and was delivered as selected (1 UU, 1 Vanilla).

I had my first shake of the unflavored last night and it was not nearly as “disgusting” as others have described. It simply has no flavor. It tastes like bland blah oats with a slight earthy flavor, which I kind of liked. I really enjoy the vanilla, but I often find it too sweet. Today, I am going to try 1.5 scoops of each and see how that goes. I will likely end up taking one of my empty bags and just mixing a bunch half-n-half, if I like the balance.

Still enjoying Huel with no issues. Going to try some coffee mixes soon, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.