2nd day using huel -- blended with PB and frozen banana!

Yesterday was my first day using HUEL. I’m starting slow (1 shake with 2 scps/day) per recommendations of letting my body adjust. I’m in Europe – so I purchased the mint chocolate and unsweetened powders. The mint chocolate was okay, though I’m not super fond of the sucralose taste. I tried it refrigerated and liked that better. But then today I decided to use my immersion blender to blend it up. It was so easy to blend right in the shaker and no splashes. Much better consistency and got rid of all the little powder clumps that my weak shaking didn’t break up. But then I decide to try throwing a spoonful of peanut butter and a frozen banana in there and blend it all up. Oh my goodness! What a vast improvement! I went from thinking that I could maybe probably stick to using HUEL for a month or so … to being super excited that I have vegan meal replacement shakes that I feel good about consuming and that taste delicious. I think this is going to be a long-term lifestyle change.

So my advice: blend with frozen banana and peanut butter!

I’m looking forward to trying out the unsweetened huel. And want to try some of the savory recipes like peanut butter curry or maybe try blending in miso.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Those are my go to additives as well. I also found that the PB2 powder works in place of peanut butter as a decent substitute.


yeah, i’m looking fwd to switching to PB2 powder when i’m back in the states. but over here in spain it’s hard to find.

How much PB2 powder Do you use? I’ve tried but haven’t figure out ratio.

Sorry, I never measure anything with my Huel. I just go by feeling and instinct with every Huel concotion.

Okay that’s what I’ve been doing.

update: i’m 3 weeks in now and loving it. pairing this with intermittent fasting so my day’s intake looks like this…

breakfast @7:30am: coffee with splash of soy milk
lunch @2pm: huel shake (2 scoops) w/ frozen banana, spoon of peanut butter, 2 or 3 frozen cauliflower
real food @5pm: usually lentils/beans/chickpeas with veggies
dinner @8pm: huel shake (2 scoops) w/ banana, pb, cauliflower

frozen cauliflower is my new favorite trick because it adds thickness to the shake without sweetness or added sugar. and the taste is neutral/overpowered by banana and pb.

i had thought i would be bored and would want to try different huel recipes but so far i’m just really content. i look forward to the shakes and they fill me up. and my ice cream and pizza cravings have vanished. cooking/cleaning now is hugely simplified. my energy levels are great. and none of this feels like a sacrifice.

i’m running out of my first order and moving abroad in 3 weeks, so i think i’m going to probably switch back to being huelless for a few weeks and then start up again when i land in my new abode. i hope i don’t lose momentum. but am also interested in feeling out the differences in energy levels and fullness.

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