Sharing My First Take

New to Huel here. Looking to use as a means to lose weight by controlling calorie intake, coupled with exercise. After doing some extensive reading of threads on here (Thanks to all for sharing!) - I opted to get the Huel Black - Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavors, to start. Made my first shake this morning - 2 scoops Peanut Butter with 50/50 water and unsweetened vanilla almond milk(17 fl oz total), half a frozen banana, and a handful of ice cubes. Well blended with a Nutri-bullet. I have to say, I am very pleased with the taste. Will definitely make this one more often as it is a good breakfast shake. The grainy texture is slightly unpleasant, but not to the point where I can’t get past it by sipping water after. Look forward to trying the Chocolate at lunch!

The grainy texture goes away if you let it sit in the refer for a few hours, ideally overnight.

Consider a high quality blender at some point. The bullets are ok but now quite as good as a decent quality blender. Just sayin.

I have a regular full size blender…just less convenient for cleaning purposes. Will definitely try the overnight method for my breakfast shakes. Do you add any additional liquid and re-shake/blend in the morning after it sits overnight?

Lunch yesterday I did the Black Chocolate, same 50/50 water and almond milk and tossed in a few frozen cherries and strawberries. It was OK. Not as good as the PB. The less quality blender came into play as there were still chunks of frozen fruit in there too. Funky aftertaste in the chocolate.

This morning mixed 1 scoop PB with 1 scoop chocolate, 50/50 water/almond, and a banana. This one is good too, slightly better than yesterday morning. Next experiment will be adding coffee to my morning shake.

The shakes definitely held off my hunger throughout the day. Normally I need a snack around the 2:30-3p mark. Didn’t get hungry until about 4:30 but it hit me hard. Had a small snack, then dinner about an hour later, and then 1 small evening snack. Was still a little hungry going to sleep.

It’s up to you really. If u prefer the convenience, use the bullet. Keep in mind, u can make 2-3 shakes at once with a full size blender. Breakfast, lunch & dinner!

I don’t usually add more liquid, no, but sometimes ice. I’m picky and like my huel to be a certain temperature and consistency. Hmm I re-blend anything that sits over 30 mins. I also add fresh-frozen bananas. They tend to make the shakes smoother and creamier.

It will go away as it sits longer. I don’t even taste it anymore and my first shake doesn’t rest st all. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it. :man_shrugging:

The chocolate taste hasn’t been as bad subsequent days. I have found that adding a little dash of organic cocoa powder helps the flavor a lot too!

Try drinking a large glass of ice water instead of eating a snack. It takes a few days to retrain your receptors, but it works.