Support Request Ignored

I’ve notice with my latest order of Huel Black that the artifical sweetener taste is very strong. I was under the impression that huel black did not contain artificial sweeteners. I must say that I am very disappointed with this and I have emailed but have gotten no response.

I can’t drink this stuff because the Stevia makes me stick to my stomach. I feel I’ve been deceived by huel and would like a refund or at least a replacement with the unflavored/unsweetened version. If I had known stevia was being used I would have never ordered.

I took Huel at their word when they stated that huel black did not contain artificial sweeteners. Just because something is sweet and is not man made doesn’t mean I want to put it in my body. There are a lot of things that are sweet and come from natural sources, but I could name a few that most people would not put in there mouth. I hope I’m not ignored by the Huel support staff here…if they exist.

Hey @Ralo thanks for joining us here on the forum!

So sorry to hear you’re not getting on well with your Huel Black Edition. Huel Black Edition does not contain any artificial sweeteners. It is sweetened by stevia and a small amount of organic coconut sugar. All of this information is available on the main site and if you have any questions around this please do let us know and we’d be happy to answer them!

I’ve had a look and can’t locate any recent contacts from you in our queue, the last email we received from the address linked with your account was back in 2021 so if you contacted from a different email feel free to send that to me in a direct message so I can make sure it’s in our queue to be responded to.

Our agents are dealing with a higher than average amount of contacts at the moment and are working as quickly as possible to respond to everyone in the order they reached out. We appreciate your patience as we work through this :heart:

Not sure how to send you a direct message as opposed to a reply in this forum.

Looks like the email I used in the support request was roland@ the same domain as attached to this account.

Looks like Huel decided against Stevia back in 2017 because of the bad after taste. Why did they change their minds?