Any plans to change the sweetener in regular Huel?

I switched to Huel Black recently after trying it out and it tastes so much better than regular Huel. Plus I don’t have any digestion issues with Huel Black like I did with regular Huel. I think Huel Black might have way more protein than I need because I’m not an athlete or anything. Are there any plans to change the sweetener in regular Huel from sucralose to the sweetener used in Huel Black?

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Hey @Forgotmymeds,
That is not something we are currently looking to do but we will keep that in mind for the future!

Some of us would rather not like a full switch, as black leaves a strange after taste for me. I tried black but am returning to white.

Yeah, Black is sweetened with stevia, and I can’t tolerate stevia at all, the aftertaste is disgusting to me.

It’s a real problem, because food manufacturers tend to make low sugar foods by putting stevia in them, rather than just by making them less sickeningly sweet.

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