Sugar free low carb Huel

I love the Huel black because I am on a low carb diet. But I am pretty disappointed it has sugar in it. If it were sweetened with stevia, swerve, or monk fruit, it would still be free of artificial sweeteners, but it would be even fewer carbs, fewer calories, and now sugar free.

Thanks for your feedback Andrew.

Unfortunately to provide the right sweetness we would have to use more stevia than is permitted by FDA regulations which is why we also use coconut sugar. Erythritol (swerve) is an interesting one but adds an unwanted cooling effect so it doesn’t quite meet the requirements for Black Edition.

Apart from the price, monk fruit is pretty good but it’s not permitted in the EU and we have a global formula.

I hope that answers everything but remember a Black Edition meal still only contains a teaspoon of sugar!

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ive been on huel black since its inception 6-7 times a day ad main meals ( solgar supplements too ) and i have had no problems with the sugar at all.

i did indeed question it to begin with, with a quick email to the team at huel.

perhaps i have learned to trust huel.

stunning results occurred.

What are your thoughts regarding Black? I consume it for 2 of my 3 meals a day and it has been a game changer for my weight loss/physique transformation.

its been superb

i have it every two hours everyday - 6/7 times