Can Stevia Taste be muted?

I just started Huel. I cannot stand the after taste which I think is the Stevia in it. I have noticed that I hate other Stevia sweetened products as well. Any recommendations on masking that taste?

Huel makes an Unsweetened and Unflavored version which has no stevia, vanilla, or any sweeteners or added sugar. So if you like vanilla but not stevia, you can get the Unflavored Huel and add your own vanilla extract.

So what to do about your current bag? Adding a small amount of fruit might help mute or cover up that stevia taste. Frozen berries, half banana, or Apple slices or apple sauce might do it.

Try two table spoons of Apple Sauce and cinnamon and see how that is. That’s one of my favorite additives.

I use UU and add coffee (I use an aeropress to make something similar to 3 or 4 shots of espresso) and use coconut or vanilla flavored stevia “sweet drops” which tastes pretty good to me. There are certainly other sweeteners/flavors available if you are more sensitive to the stevia aftertase. I know exactly the flavor you are talking about and I don’t notice it in my combo. I think the strong coffee overpowers the stevia taste.

Thanks I will give coffee a try. I think I 'm getting used to the after taste though a bit now. The Huel tastes way better than other shakes I have tried even with the after stevia taste.

Thanks, I didn’t realize there was an unsweetened version. I will try that next time.

Huel contains sucralose, not stevia.

Vanilla Huel contains BOTH sucralose and stevia

"Vanilla Flavor System (Artificial Vanilla Flavoring, Stevia, Sucralose) "

Oh, that must be a change then. It used to be just sucralose. Sorry for sharing incorrect info.