Scattered Thoughts From Another New Hueler

Hello all!

I started on Huel RTD last month, after trying Soylent RTD and liking it enough to look for a better alternative (note to the Huel business folks: I’d never have tried Huel if it weren’t for the RTD option; at that time, I wasn’t at all ready to try any powdered meal replacement). Doing some basic research, Huel seemed the best of a new-to-me product type, and they’re the epitome of a socially-aware company, to boot.

I bought two RTD boxes, and it didn’t take me long to change it to a subscription, maybe a week of having 1 a day for breakfast.

Another week of reading through these forums got me to thinking, “I could absolutely try the powder.” It didn’t take long for that 1-off purchase of two bags to turn into another subscription.

It’s been a month or so now, and I’m happily having the powder for breakfast (prepped the night before) during the week and an RTD bottle two or three times a week instead of a cooked lunch. This may go up once I finish off all the lunches I’ve already made that are sitting in my freezer.

The two drinks a day easily fill me up until dinner time, so this could get me towards actual weight loss (I’m 6’1, about 240lbs, and while I walk a lot, my crazy mixed up schedule keeps me from getting into a decent exercise routine).

Anyway, thank you, Huel, for being an answer I didn’t know I was looking for!


For “scattered thoughts” it was a very well written post.

I hope you continue to share your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I blame Huel for my clarity and organization.

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That’s a blame we’re fine taking, Markus!:grin: Super glad to hear your Huel experience is off to a wonderful start. If you need anything in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Will do! Thank you, Christian!

Good to hear this is working for you. I embarked on a quest of intermittent fasting last year and use Huel for my dinner at work and eating an onnivore diet for any meals not at work. Huel’s nutrition and convenience of being able to consume while continuing to work at my desk is the reason I chose this as my “meal replacement”. Although now I have come to adopt Huel’s term of complete food rather than seeing it as a meal replacement. Just now I had my afternoon snack of a small salad. That I consider a meal replacement, to tie me over till I can have a proper Huel dose which is my meal. To me, Huel is a meal option, not inferior to a “regular food meal”. But for variety, I do eat regular food at home.

I was able to shed some poundage last year and have kept it off. In fact, after switching to a mostly (read: 95%) plant based diet since late December, I’ve actually lost a little more weight than I want and am finding it hard to put back on some weight. Getting too tired during my workouts. I know, it’s kind of weird. I don’t blame a plant based diet. The science supports it. Instead, I need to learn to eat more since my overall fat content of my meals has gone done, being replaced by some healthy starches like lentils, beans, and tubers. I may have to either change my IF times or perhaps shorted my IF interval or change my exercise to be during the feeding window and not fasting window. Or I may need to incorporate some more seeds. Not sure. It’s just a weird feeling having my hunger satisfied throughout the day, yet still slowly losing weight.

I will say this, though, I never once counted macros or calories. I just trust in the science of plant-based nutrition. Thanks to Huel’s overall balanced and sound nutrition, I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Ain’t got time to be counting carbs.