40 y.o. male 216 lbs

So I DID read the forums first, but I am being specific so I am just gonna post. I drive (pretty much a delivery driver) for work, and I have gotten into the habit of stopping at McDonalds/Wendys/Burger King etc for lunch because my wife doesn’t love me and doesn’t make me lunch for the next day (Yes I realize i could make my own lunch, but that takes away from the joke). ANYWHO, my wife doesnt make me lunch so i hit fast food. Well I am just wondering how this mixture works as an actual meal or “diet” for someone my size. 41 years old, 5’11, 216 ish. I need to start running I get that. I have a tough mudder coming up. Is this an actual viable and sustainable option or is it a … i dont wanna say gimmic, but I will. I dont eat breakfast so 5 days a week, i would use this for breakfast and luch. For dinner my wife is an EXCELLENT cook so i am eating that. Weekends cheating while bowling for example. If you imagine that person that would be me. Any responses would be great. ADVICE on what i should change to do BETTER than that, wont be used so… lets save all our time. Thanks All!!

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Hi Anthony! Your habits sound much like my own regarding breakfast and lunch. So far (a mere 2 days in), I think replacing breakfast and lunch with this product is an excellent choice. It also frees me up to eat (and chew!) something a bit more fun, for dinner. I see this as totally do-able and sustainable.

Fortunately, all my bloodwork and labs were normal/ high normal already, but I think this product is an all around winner and I expect to see improvements there as well.

You may have seen one of my.other posts about Huel being like “drinking the color beige”. And in some ways, that is still true. However, with many good suggestions from this forum, YouTube videos and trial and error, I have found the right temperture, process and proportions!

I opted to reduce my Huel to 2 scoops and 17ounces or more of water. You will likely need considerably more, given your activity and upcoming training- but you can do it!

Best of luck! Be well…


Hi @Anthony_Frawley!

I just began Huel on Feb 22nd. I eased into it gradually at first. And I’ve been doing mostly 100% Huel for the past couple weeks with only an occasional snack or light meal. I’m losing weight (yes!). I have energy. I feel satisfied and healthier. I realize that due to my individual needs I’m more extreme than most. I have thyroid disease and a chunk of weight to lose. But I can say with confidence that replacing 1 or 2 meals a day is completely doable. :blush: I hope it works for you.


Hi Sondi-

I, too, have thyroid issues (Hashi’s). I’ve been substituting 2 meals a day (using 2 scoops Huel per meal)- one day I did 3. Any way, I have HUGE energy now. Shocking, I have lost 5# already (6 days)! Crazy.

Glad to find someone else who experiences the unrelenting challenges of thyroid dysfunction. I intend to drop significant weight also!

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Hi @everlight8!

OK… Sorry for the long winded speech. :smirk:

Yeah, Hashi is my trouble too. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
My mom and sister both had thyroid issues, but not Hashi. My sister had to have her whole thyroid actually removed. My dose of thyroid meds is the same as hers. The struggle is real. :unamused:

What I’ve settled on finally that’s working for me is a big cup of coffee in the morning. I still need it! :crazy_face: Other than that, I only drink plain water the rest of the day. I got a large double insulated stainless steel water bottle. I got a Mira one. It was fairly cheap, it’s stylish, and it keeps ice cold all day. I made a braided paracord crossbody sling for it. If I keep it with me, I’m not tempted to buy a coke. Coca-Cola is my main weakness! :pensive: And I drink more water during the day when it’s cold and icy and right there on my hip.

A 2 scoop shake in the morning with 240 - 300 ml of unsweetened cashew milk (240 ml is only 25 calories). Two more 3 scoop shakes for lunch and dinner usually with water, but sometimes with cashew or coconut milk. So 8 scoops a day. I’m trying really hard to keep it simple and not add too many extra calories or effort to this. I don’t use a blender (simplicity). I use a big handful of ice in it. I shake it like a mad woman! I’ll chew the clumps, but I prefer to not. :sweat_smile: I usually let it sit for 30 mins to an hour before I drink it. If it sits in the fridge overnight it gets smoother, but also takes on a weird almost gelatinous consistency for me. My palate prefers it fresher.

I change up my add ins. My favs I use most often are unsweetened peanut butter powder, the Huel chocolate flavor system (sometimes with a few drops of coconut extract), almond extract, and cinnamon. I know it’s vanilla flavored, but I also add vanilla extract to it sometimes. Not all these mixed together at the same time though! :joy: I also drink it plain alot. I’ve often been mixing the vanilla and the U/U together.

If I’m craving something savory, I use the U/U and spicy V8 with horseradish, worchestershire sauce, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Like a virgin bloody Mary.:drooling_face:

I rarely eat solid food now. If I’m going to be out, I stick a sealed baggie of the premeasured Huel and maybe some flavor mixin inside a clean shaker bottle and stick it in a backpack. Don’t just pour the powder in the bottle. Liquid first always! :hushed: I can find ice and water anywhere when I’m ready to “eat” it.

I walk alot more. I always wear some kind of walking shoe now. I had plantar fashiitis once. That’s a killa! :rofl: For example, I park as far from a door as I can manage and hoof it instead of looking for a close spot. Or take walks around the neighborhood. Take the stairs over an elevator when possible. Simple things like that. It all helps. I’ll increase it as I can to include more exercise. It’s a start. :grin:

I started drinking Huel once a day on February 22nd. I gradually worked my way up to my current routine. So I’ve only been doing the full blown “diet” I’ve crafted for myself since March 8th.

I’m 5’6 1/2
I’m 50 years old.
I was a bit chubby, but not obese like this, for most of my adult life. The Hashimotos wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my 40s and gaining weight fast. It hit me hard!
It’s like my metabolism just abruptly stopped working.

I weighed 298 lbs on March 8th (Geez Ikr! Yikes! :disappointed_relieved:)
This morning, 4 weeks later, I weigh 282 :grin::grin::grin:

And as important to me… I feel good! I’m like the energizer bunny! I can keep going and going all day without that afternoon energy slump. I feel healthier. Some of it may be mental. I’m feeling empowered by giving my body more balanced nutrition. Less depressed by my choices. And I’m sure alot of that initial loss is water weight. I was swelled like a sponge!

I know I still have a super long way to go until I meet my goals. But I’m jazzed and rave about Huel to everyone I know. I think my mindset is finally on track. And I believe this is going to be what works for me over the long haul. I don’t have to think about food now or decide anything about it. I just put it out of my mind entirely. Like I did when I was quitting cigarettes. I will eat an occasional meal. I won’t say I won’t. :yum: But it will be rare and I hope I keep making responsible choices.

I plan to add weight training as I’m losing so that once I’m nearing my goal and planning to include a solid food dinner again, my body will be more muscled and better able to burn calories correctly. I’ll be drinking Huel for breakfast and possibly lunch permanently. I enjoy it.

I hope you find what combination works for you too! :blush: