I believe the sucralose in Huel gives me headaches, possible solutions?

First, some important background info:
After my first month, I noticed I’m getting headaches more frequently after implementing more Huel in my diet. I’ve yet to try Unsweetened Unflavored, U/U as some people call it, so I can’t rule out the Sucralose sweetener 100%. However, I’ve noticed in the past that I have headaches and dizziness after drinking diet beverages, both those sweetened with sucralose and ESPECIALLY those sweetened with aspartame.

I did look into my diet/lifestyle to find other possible causes for my headaches but nothing too drastic. Unless I somehow have COVID without the respiratory symptoms, lol. I have been working a bit more hours, and replacing more meals with Huel, but aside from that nothing’s changed.

Off topic note: USE ICE CUBES and fill water up to the 22oz line when mixing Huel v3.0. Cold water, crushed ice, is not the same. Not even close. Nothing makes as big of a difference as ice cubes for me. I think all the clumps get smashed between the ice cubes, and creates a very consistent end result. Whatever the case, this is what works flawlessly for me.

Proposed solutions: I was thinking about just getting U/U next time, and adding cocoa powder (LOVE chocolate) and sweetening it with sugar or maybe corn syrup? I understand it would be detrimental to the glycemic index, but these headaches are getting terrible. The higher calories wouldn’t be a problem at all for me, as I’m slim and extremely active. Maybe the Huel Flavor boosts + U/U might help? Not a big fan of the Stevia though. To my knowledge, I’ve yet to try Stevia, hopefully it won’t give me headaches.

TL;DR: I’ve noticed that I get headaches after drinking huel and certain “diet” sweetened beverages. Looking for recipes to sweeten/flavor U/U without Sucralose or Aspartame.

Have you tried Black?

How much work do you want to put in?

100g UU in 100ml apple juice then 300ml water is simple and reminds me of something between oatmeal and apple cobbler.

I also use chai tea powder (still using the apple juice for a little sweet) and that doesn’t remind me of anything but chai.

Also PB2 peanut butter powder.

I do not recommend orange juice as a sweetener, though if you try it anyway (even bad combinations are novelty) make a half-serving with a chaser of coffee or something.

I know you mentioned you haven’t tried U/U yet but I strongly recommend it. I always make mine with coffee, ice and a bit of creamer/sugar and it is absolutely fantastic. So much so in fact that my most recent order was 5 bags of U/U and 3 Berry. U/U is also extremely versatile in that you can add any flavoring you want, my favorite being ube flavoring you find on Amazon or in the Asian grocery. The Ube also turns Huel a dark purple which adds a bit of fun.

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I’m sorry to hear this Stephen. I’m not trying to discourage your account but I just wanted to ask, are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Huel is high in fiber which acts like a sponge in the gut so adequate fluid intake is important.

If you have any unopened pouches you can always exchange them for an unflavoured and unsweetened pouch.