Can’t tolerate Sucralose

Anytime I try any product with Sucralose I get horrendous stomach issues. Not just Huel. I switched to Huel Black and had no stomach issues. I recently had a checkup and showed my doctor the product and he said that Huel Black is way too much protein for my size and activity level. I’m guessing my only option if I want to stick with Huel would be to switch to unflavored. Years ago I tried Unsweetened and didn’t care for the taste. Any tips on the best way to flavor Huel Unsweetened without adding calories?

I use 50% U/U with 50% Black

You might also get a second opinion on what is too much, considering if you are using Huel for 100% of your meals or only breakfast/lunch with maybe less protein for dinner…

I was also going to recommend unflavored mixed with Black.

Otherwise maybe find a Stevia-based syrup. I use the premium syrups they use at coffee shops for mine otherwise sometimes I do some sweetener and then cocoa powder or a splash of vanilla flavoring.

Here is (hopefully if it works) a screenshot and a link of the syrups I mentioned:

Nice! Thank you! I’ll try those!

Delicious and zero calorie

(Sure, that means a bit of food science chemicals, but I chose my battles)

This stuff is great. Tried it with the unsweetened and I like it better then. Regular Huel or Huel Black flavors. This is my new way to drink Huel. Thanks for the recommendation!

I have known other people who had allergic reactions to artificial sweeteners. One woman I know had sever stomach problems, and went to numerous doctors and had countless tests, before a doctor said to her, “What is that you’re chewing on?” “Sugarless gum,” she replied. “Aha,” said the doctor.

Personally I hate all artificial sweeteners so I use the UU. I have looked pretty hard to find ways to improve the flavor. I have tried spices, bananas, cocoa powder, sugar, etc. My favorite was miso, but then the recipe changed and that stopped tasting as good. Lately I have been doing OK with Indian spices like curry powder and garam masala. It is not great, but it beats artificial sweeteners.

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You could also try the flavor additives that Huel sells. Some of those are pretty good.