Huel Black Reviews?

It may still be a bit too soon but has anyone received Huel Black yet that can provide their thoughts? Thinking about trying it out more for the natural sweeteners than anything but hoping to see what others think.

Happy Huelidays!

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Just ordered today. Also curious to hear others opinions.

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My auto order is scheduled for Monday. Can’t decide which way to go. Guess I may be taking a leap with Huel Black.

It seems that they only got vanilla and chocolate option for this? No unsweetened version? That’s disappointing. I love that it has more protein and less carb but it has 4 times more added sugar lol I wish they have this but unsweetened, with 0 sugar

Got my order of black edition Chocolate in this weekend and had my first serving this morning. Overall, I like it. Not dramatically different flavor and texture wise. Reminds me slightly more of traditional protein shakes. Although the black edition has added sugar (organic coconut sugar), the taste is slightly less sweet than the standard Huel which has artificial sweeteners. I’m curious why they choose to go that route with the black edition rather than just use the same sweeteners. In any case, I’m planning to have black edition for breakfast and v1.1 GF for lunch until I run out of the v1.1. Then I’ll decide whether to use the standard v3.0, black edition, or a mix of both.