Sudden intolerance of Huel?


I’ve been on Huel for over 6 months with Huel for most of my calories for the day. I work night shift so excuse my weird schedule. I eat my first meal of the day around 1930 (7:30 pm). It’s Huel 3 old scoops into ~18 oz of water. My second meal is when I have my lunch break around midnight to 0100 (am). Same story of mixing. I’ve been noticing about an hour to an hour and a half after I eat my second shake, my stomach starts aching. I will often get sudden diarrhea and will be bloated, nauseous, and have aching pains in my guts for several hours after before the feeling finally recedes, usually by the time I’m heading home from work. I eat regular food as my “evening” meal before going to bed at 0900 (am).

I’ve stopped eating Huel for several days and have not had another episode of this hell since I stopped eating Huel. Lot 94708 of the chocolate is what I’ve been mainly consuming with just a bit of the berry (don’t have a lot number for that one). Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing anything or if it is just me. The Huel hasn’t tasted any different than normal so I can’t imagine it’s a bad batch. I have been sometimes using the strawberry booster for Huel, but not with every meal. I stopped using the booster first to test if it might be that, it seems to be the Huel that is the cause of my intestinal distress. Might have to back off of Huel for a bit.


Oh no :pensive: If you have been having no issues with Huel for 6 months and are now suddenly it’s a bit of a strange situation.

What I can recommend is try going back to one Huel meal a day for a week or so and see if all is well. Then you can build yourself back up to 2.

If this still causes issues please let us know and we can look into this further for you.


6 months ago was Huel v1.0.


@Huel_Hefner Yes, but I get new bags every 4 weeks so I’ve been eating the new Huel formula for over a month, so it doesn’t seem like it’s just the change of the formula. If that was the case, I would think I would see issues sooner.

@Dan_Huel It’s been a crazy week at work so I was just taking other food for the past couple of days to give myself a small break and not have to deal with intestinal distress while having to keep very focused on my work. I did take chocolate Huel again tonight to work though and ate the shake for my lunch break as I used to. Did not have one before work just to see how one shake was. I was fine until just after 6 am. My stomach and intestines are currently gurgling away and the cramping is increasing as the bloat increases. I can feel it starting to race through my digestive system and I fear I’m on the countdown to being on the toilet with some more diarrhea. But this is the first day of just one Huel meal so I guess we will see. Unfortunately I only have chocolate left of Huel so I cannot even see if one of the others might be better for my digestive system right now. Edit: I also realise it is quite likely that my digestive system isn’t the happiest since I stopped Huel for several days and then started back up as well so I will give it a few days.


Went through the list of differences to see if one in particular could pinpoint what may have caused what you’re experiencing (that list here: )
Maybe you can bring this list of changes to your doctor and see what they think.


Yeah it’s not the new formula by the sound of things. I know it has been mentioned on this forum by someone else before, but I feel that is a rare case and should not be the go to answer for everyone.

You may simply have a sensitive stomach. As you stopped consuming Huel for several days that probably explains part of the issue. Huel is high in fiber (a good thing) and most Western diets are low in fiber. So, it can take a week or so for your body to adjust to this.

Please do keep us updated and try to gradually reintroduce Huel into your diet.


Yes, but original post was made when I had been regularly consuming Huel without a break. Perhaps my stomach was just suddenly sensitive, but it seems weird. I’ve still been having issues, but it has been better with just one shake versus two. I’ll have diarrhea, but it isn’t sudden explosive diarrhea. And the cramping from bloat is only mild compared to “it feels like my guts are about to burst open.” I’ll give an update in about a week to see if it improves.


Apologies for the confusion. That is strange. Please let me know how you get on in a week or so and we can go from there.


So I got very busy and never got back here to do an update. I kept on the one shake per day for a few days but I was still getting a lot of gas and diarrhea so I stopped drinking Huel until I got my newest order in on April 18th or so. I decided to start fresh with this batch and have just been eating one Huel meal for my lunch and I have been back to normal. I guess just something was off with that bag of chocolate Huel that I had. I make sure to close my Huel bag after each use and it’s stored properly. Oh well, glad to be doing better on the Huel.


It’s great that you’re liking Huel again Alex! Still very odd that you had an issue with your previous bag.