Intense stomach pains

I just started Huel yesterday. I had one shake for breakfast and a few hours later I was having intense stomach pains and was semi constipated. This continued overnight and into the next day. I used Huel 2 years ago and didn’t experience anything like this. I am using the original formula. Any advice? Thank you in advance

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The first time I tried Huel Black, I had some mild stomach issues, but they mostly went away after a week. I have IBS, so sometime it’s difficult to determine what is causing what in my body. I’d suggest giving it a couple more days. It might just take your body some time to adjust, or it might have been what you ate the day before… If that doesn’t work, I’d give the other versions a try if you’re still interested. I’ve since switched from Huel Black to Huel Gluten Free v3.0 and that seems to work better with my system for whatever reason.

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Thanks. Stomach pain lasted two days for me. I was reading more in the forums here and I decided to add fiber. Today was the first day back on Huel with added fiber and I was fine the rest of the day. So adding fiber is the trick for me I guess.

I would think drinking more water or diluting the Huel might also help.

Switching to the unsweetened unflavored version plus the flavor boots got rid of all stomach issues for me.

I have tried the unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate and I have the extreme stomach pains with all 3. I have tried smaller dosages but nothing seems to work so unfortunately I am switching to a different brand.

Have you tried Black?

Not yet, I’m afraid to spend all that money for another bust. I have found another brand where I don’t have these issues. It might be a good idea to sell sample packs of all of the types and flavors.

Out of curiosity, which brand did you switch to?

Having intense stomach pains after 7 days use of Huel black (banana/salted caramel/strawberry). It stops & starts with Huel, any advices?

Hey @alikayahan - so sorry to hear this and I’d love to chat through this a bit more, if that’s alright? Feel free to message me back directly, if you prefer too!

How often are you consuming Huel and are you preparing it? How long does it typically take you to consume?