Hello all, new to Huel

Hello all Huelers!
So, just got my first shipment in recently, and started it 3 days ago. I did 1 meal my first day, 2 yesterday, and will likely continue that. (Having Huel for breakfast and lunch).

The last 2 years I’ve gained a good amount of weight and at my age being only 28, I hate it. I find it very hard to prep healthy meals and have all the time to go out buying food and all that, so I am really looking forward to making Huel my norm. Both to be healthier in what I am putting into my body, and the added benefit of possibly losing some of this excessive weight.
So far things seem to be going well, I have been having my Huel with just 2 scoops of the chocolate powder alone with water, and enjoy it enough that I don’t need to add anything to enhance the flavor.
I am experiencing some of the stomach problems that people have mentioned on here… but I’m hoping that will subside in time, and I plan to get some probiotics to help with that. No real pain otherwise, just gassiness. (And I sometimes have the unpleasant feeling that I’ll pass more then just gas).
Other then that, all seems well, and it leaves me satisfied, and not starving like I worried it might have. Too early to tell, but so far so good! Hope it stays that way.

I’ve been reading people’s stories on here for the past 2 days and it all seems to be good things, so I decided to make my own account. So anyways I just wanted to say hello. Hope everyone who has set goals with huel accomplishes them like I hope to!



Welcome to the herd, new Hueligan! There’s a whole handful of us out here waiting to see what kind of changes it helps you make in your life. Keep us updated :wink:

Welcome welcome welcome! Feel free to ask us questions :slight_smile:

Welcome! I am new too and I can say so far so good. I spent the weekend on my old regular diet and felt miserable this morning from all the processed food. Let me tell you, I was actually EXCITED to get back on my Huel regimen this week. I am currently at two meals a day of Huel and one big meal of regular food (trying to stay clean). This weekend really reminded me how hungover I feel after eating crap. I am lucky that I have not had really any stomach issues and I am up to two times a day. I must have been eating plenty of fiber before. Regardless, I’ll take feeling great and full over sugar hungover and sad about it anytime. My coworkers joke Im drinking my morning gruel but let em, I’ve lost body fat in just the two weeks I’ve been drinking it. I’m rambling so…Good luck and keep us updated on your results!

Thanks for the welcome all. So far its been going smoothly. I think my stomach actually got used to Huel already. I have a lot less flatulence now, and little to no discomfort in my belly anymore. I did find that 2 scoops for lunch wasn’t enough, and left me still hungry, so I’m going to try 3 scoops today and see how that goes.

Definitely feel better already though, as I’m not putting junk in my body and I’m already feeling more energy and not so sluggish anymore like I do after having a typical not so healthy meal.

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My stomach was upset for maybe half a day and I am up to two servings a day now. I think it’s based upon whether or not you ate a lot of fiber previously. I also noticed I get like a happy tingly feeling when I drink Huel - my body must be thanking me for not choosing ice cream and potato chips again or something. Either way, glad so far so good for you! Being apart of the forum I believe helps keep you motivated to stay at it. At least it is for me. I like seeing what everyone is up to and how they are holding up changing their lifestyle. Keep posting, I’m sure others enjoy reading status updates as much as me :slight_smile:

So far still going good!

I do 2 scoops in the morning, and now 3 for lunch. That holds me over really well until i have a small dinner of healthy food at home. Really nice and convenient, and great how much time I save now and money.
Before it was either go get something to eat for lunch and pay Manhattan prices, or take the time prepping food to take to work. Now its so simple and quick, and I can just deal with the prepping and cooking at home for a nice, light dinner.

started with Huel a little over a month ago…here’s a few things i’ve noticed for all the newbies, so that you don’t get weirded out or so that you enjoy the transition a little better.

farting. ya, i’m 41 and i still laugh every time i hear one. but you might have a little bit of an upset stomach for the first week or so as your body transitions to the new input.

same with tarry or loose stools. as your body begins to adapt to the new intake of nutrients you might have irregular stools that appear tarry or loose. nothing to be overly concerned with, unless it happens for a long period of time.

as always, you want to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. to stay hydrated and help your organs function properly. this will also help your system flush out the toxins and unwanted fats/cholesterol/favorite food additive that you don’t necessarily need. especially important when starting a new diet and you know that you might have a hard time adjusting to the lack of sugary and fatty foods that you are used to consuming.

what else!?

there are so many ways that you can adjust the shakes to taste how you want them to. if a base shake doesn’t taste good, try adding a flavor boost. better yet, try one of the recipes here in the forums that other users have submitted. even better yet, grab healthy snacks and powders and fruits and things from around your kitchen (that you know you like to eat) and try adding those to your shakes. and then sharing the recipes here in the forums!!

welcome to the Huel love train…where everyone that’s riding wants to see you happy and healthy


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