Sudden GI upset

I’ve been drinking Huel for over a year now. After the initial gas/bloating phase, everything was fine. However, suddenly I’ve been experiencing daily nausea (not pregnant). I believe it may have coincided with when I opened a bag that was sealed oddly. It’s hard to describe how it was sealed without a visual. Suffice to say, it WAS completely sealed but it was unusual.

About 2 weeks ago I started having a strange muscle spasm around my knee (this preceded the nausea). The GI with muscular symptoms made me think about potential toxins or heavy metal poisoning.

@JamesCollier can you give any reassurance regarding the testing of the product? Even testing for accurate amounts of vitamins and minerals. I am very sensitive to multivitamins, so I wonder if maybe there is maybe excess of zinc or something.

I just ordered new bags in case I did somehow get a spoiled/aberrant lot. The other possibility is that I’m suddenly intolerant to an ingredient. I really hope that is not the case.

Please reach out if you’re suddenly experiencing problems after consuming Huel for a significant period of time.


I’m really sorry to hear this.

All Huel products, including our facilities, are regularly tested you can see some of our safety and quality controls here:

I would consult your doctor in regards to this. As you have been consuming Huel for over a year it is highly unlikely that the issue is Huel and it could well be something else in your life.

Hi @Gerrly

Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing problems. If there was a bag of Huel that was sealed oddly, then we would swap this for you, but this shouldn’t have caused the issues you describe.

There is no risk of potential toxins and heavy metals are tested for as per the link Dan provided.

We test all nutrients regularly. Many of the micronutrients are from the main ingredients, eg zinc, so there’s no risk of toxicity there.

Let me know what reassurance you’re looking for regarding testing and I’ll provide it.

As far as the issues you’re experiencing goes, it may be worth consulting your doctor.

I’m glad to hear they are regularly tested. That’s something I always worry about with meal replacements, protein powders, etc. It’s also why I don’t take vitamins or supplements—no FDA regulation.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to drink Huel for a few days while I waited for my new shipment and the nausea completely abated. It has been just okay since I’ve started drinking it again. Sometimes I feel sick, other times I’m alright. So, I don’t know.