Sick after huel

I have had one delivery of huel (2x bags - my first consignment of huel ever) last month and didn’t feel sick.

I reordered my second consignment recently (same flavors, coffee and Berry) and have been feeling sick after consuming huel. Also, it only happens when I have huel. For even just one meal with 2x scoops only. After the first 2x scoops on the first day, I got sick and then I stopped completely and I was fine again. It makes me feel nauseous and gassy. Also troubling is that I have a really bad time in the bathroom afterwards. Both times I’ve consumed huel from this delivery, I’ve had severe diarrhea in addition to gassiness and nausea. What gives?

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Are you a Hueler from across the pond? I’m having trouble finding you in our system. If so, please reach out to or for assistance with your order.

Across the pond! Haha, always find myself chuckling when I hear that. I am, yes, in Europe. Does it matter though? If yes, I’ll try getting in touch with those you mentioned.

While I have access to their system, I would want them to be aware of any potential issues with their products as we don’t offer Coffee Huel powder and I am unsure of any possible trends they may or may not have seen. Tagging in my UK counterpart, @Tim_Huel for assistance. :+1:

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Thank you for tagging someone in Europe - should I still make a post in the EU forum - the one you linked? Or will they take care of it from here? Thanks a ton, again, and a happy new year!

No worries, we got you from here!

Sometime between my last reply and your last reply, I created this

Unfortunately now there’s a duplicate, but I’m open to answers on either thread, I’m following both

Update: no sleep yesterday night due to stomach cramps and severe diarrhea today. I’m left stabilizing my stomach and drinking oral rehydration solution. I don’t dare to have even a teaspoon more of huel. What is the procedure to return opened and unopened huel bags and how much money can I get back?

Batch number is 9237 at 9:25 pm (probably the mfg. time) - bag of coffee huel. I haven’t opened the Berry huel and want to return it unopened.

Hey Devraj, I’ll respond to you via discuss. We’ll launch an investigation into this.

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