Unbearable cramps in stomach area, but delayed

I’m not sure if Huel caused or is merely correlated with this, but I’m going to report it anyway.

Three days ago I started having Huel for the first time. I used to be a heavy Soylent user–going 2000 calories/day on Soylent from 2014-2015 through multiple versions, including when they used oat flour and protein in their 1.0 recipe.

I received unflavored, unsweetened Huel in the mail last week. This was my consumption schedule. The rest of the diet was my normal diet.

  • Last Wednesday: 3 scoops. Minor bloating and flatulence
  • Last Thursday: 6 scoops. Minor bloating and flatulence
  • Last Friday: 3 scoops. Minor bloating and flatulence
  • Last Saturday: 0 scoops Huel
  • Also on Saturday in chronological order: Black truffle potato chips, Apple cobbler, Sour patch kids, Goldilocks coffee cake, Sour Candy corn, Bittermelon, Mongolian Beef, cooked flounder. Chow mein, Tyson chicken breasts. Magnum Raspberry ice cream

Today it’s Sunday and I have woken up with unbearable stomach/abdominal cramps. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no blood. Just the painful feeling of having eaten too much. (I did not feel bloated on Saturday) When I woke up at 10:00, I was so confused because I had not had Huel for over 24h, so why was I feeling bloated? Lack of Huel? I ingested 3 scoops of Huel with 450 mL water. The pain got so much worse. I took Zantac and Gas-X (simethicone) and lied in bed with no comfortable position, hoping this would go away. It is now 19:30 and I’m only half-bloated.

so now I am super confused, because I experienced minor bloating throrughout the week about 2 hours after Huel, but major bloating that makes me bedridden 36 hours after Huel?? It doesn’t make sense. The non-Huel food on Saturday could have caused it, but I’m not sure.

The stuff you ate on Saturday would cause all sorts of havoc with my stomach. Are you really serious with this?


I am very serious. I’m usually quite lax on Saturday and have not experienced such horrible stomach pain for years. This was just the first week on Huel. I wonder if the Huel adjusted my gut such that I was now unprepared for Saturday?

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Why would Huel be the culprit and all of the bad food you ate on Saturday not be the culprit?

if i would guess, it was the sour patch kids…


my guess is the lack of huel on saturday, with as much fiber as is in it, “backed things up” and that’s why you’re hurting? i usually don’t “move” as much on the weekend, as i don’t drink huel then… the toddler insists on eating with him, and usually picks out my cereal, so…


I’m going to have to agree with the others that it likely wasn’t so much the Huel as much as it was a total switch in your diet.

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I’ll give Huel a second chance. To repeat, what confused me the most was feeling MORE full when I woke up than when I went to bed. That has never happened to me before in my life. But thanks for reading. I’ll try to keep diet more steady.

You may want to go get checked for diverticulitis. That sounds like what you are describing. The seeds in Huel will really mess with the diverticulai if you do have the condition. This will cause cramping and a good amount of pain.