SUCRALOSE in Huel! I’m shocked and angered, canceled my order immediately. The volume of evidence against this known carcinogen makes its inclusion in this product beyond belief! Especially since they are also already using stevia, which should provide more than enough sweetness. I thought I had found something special, what a complete shame.




Sucralose, marketed under the trade name Splenda®, was approved by the FDA as a sweetening agent for specific food types in 1998, followed by approval as a general-purpose sweetener in 1999. Sucralose has been studied extensively, and the FDA reviewed more than 110 safety studies in support of its approval of the use of sucralose as a general-purpose sweetener for food.

In 2016, the same laboratory that conducted the aspartame studies discussed above reported an increased incidence of blood cell tumors in male mice fed high doses of sucralose (5). However, as with the aspartame studies, FDA has identified significant scientific shortcomings concerning the reported study results.


Dude, there are two products: sweetened and unsweetened. In your haste to slam the sweetened version you might have overlooked the unsweetened version for those of us who don’t want or need sucralose or stevia. It’s not a “shame” it’s a different product offering for an audience you are not in; that’s ok. :slight_smile:


When a product is marketed as healthy, it should be free of ingredients for which significant studies have shown risk. CSPI’s study, a group that has nothing to gain by promoting any particular ingredient, originally moved from “Safe” to “Caution” on sucralose, and has since moved to “Avoid”. Why put it in Huel with information like that, especially when there are demonstrably safe alternatives?


You’re citing a singular study. I don’t care what one group finds until it’s been tested and thoroughly reviewed by the greater scientific community. One group can find anomalies or make mistakes. Seriously, we still know very little about cancer and all it’s causes and contributing factors. Show me hard, peer reviewed evidence and I’ll change my mind.



Okay well, guess I’m gonna die of cancer but you’ll have to pry my Huel shaker out if my cold, dead hands. At least I’ll die happy and full.


Healthy is a relative term. IMO, a small amount of Sucralose is far healthier than the same amount of sugar needed to create the same level of sweetness. And, really, Vanilla Huel is not overly sweet. There appears to be just enough Sucralose to slightly sweeten it. The overwhelming taste is oats.

And I would not base your argument on anything the CSPI states. Their past statements on trans fats and saturated fats are questionable.

Again, Huel fully discloses all its ingredients and the unflavored version contains no sweetener.

BTW, what’s up with the angry, triggered posts recently? This one and then the one where the woman was really mad and talking about unicorn’s farting rainbows. Huel is like causing road rage in some people.


:joy::joy::joy: They’re just hangry because Huel is a beautiful thing but a cheeseburger it ain’t.


Read our article on sucralose here.

Of course, if sucralose still isn’t for you, we have Unflavoured Unsweetened Huel which contains no sucralose and you can use our Flavor Boosts to flavour Huel as these don’t contain sucralose.