Poisonous Garbage


I was highly interested in this product until I saw sucralose as one of the top ingredients. No one who claims to be interested in health would ever knowingly put that toxin in their body! Might as well sit on your ass and smoke a carton of cigarettes instead. Good luck.




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Hold up, hold up. DUDE! Get a life!


Never heard of the claim that sucralose is toxic. Cite?


Ever heard of Google, “Big Daddy”?


Sounds to me like someone needs to grow up and act their age. Pose a serious argument with actual proof/research other than “I googled it” and you may get a serious response.


Sucralose is actually one of the last ingredients on the list followed by the vitamin and mineral blend.

We do have a version without sucralose, which is our Unflavoured Unsweetened Huel.

Having said that sucralose has some good benefits, it’s zero calories, tastes good and has been extensively tested. It has been approved by the UK, EU, USA, Australia and Canada governments; in fact over 90 countries in total. There is a only a tiny amount in Huel - 132mg per day. Yes we can use sugar but sucralose is 600 times sweeter so we would need to add a significant amount of sugar and we all know the harm that sugar can cause. Read more here: https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-sucralose


Unsweetened and Unflavored Huel has no sucralose.

Also, telling an active member of this community to “get a life” is absurd when you are the one griefing a forum for a product you don’t like. I invite you to spend more time on other site forums for products you don’t use; or you could grow out of this troll phase and find something useful to do with your time.


When making claims like this, it’s good form to state your evidence. Otherwise all you’re doing is trolling.


This! Thread concluded. Troll defeated. 10 paragon points to Dan.


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Ha ha ha, you’re funny! Also stupid.
Hold up, hold up. DUDE! Get a life!
Ever heard of Google, “Big Daddy”?

Ty seems nice.


The sophomoric meme in the initial reply to my post caused me to lash out. My apologies.

My sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After being treated by numerous doctors and specialists, she finally encountered one who told her to stop consuming sucralose. Within three months, all of her symptoms had resolved. There are dozens of resources on the internet for anyone who cares to educate himself, such as this one from the Center for Science in the Public Interest: https://cspinet.org/new/201602081.html

I would also suggest using the search function in this forum to see what people are posting about sucralose and GI issues.

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Had this been the tone of your OP, many, including myself, would have taken you more seriously. We get many trolls on this open forum and they are dealt with accordingly.

One study isn’t enough to ban the product, but is an indication that more work needs to be done. You may remember that Saccharin was almost banned as a carcinogen in the '70’s. Later studies proved that research to be in error. I found a few sucralose studies that called for more research. I’m good with more studies. Maybe it’s bad for everyone, maybe just for some people. We’ll see.

Like the old doctor joke, “Doc, it hurts when I do this. Doc: Then don’t do that!”


I’m so sorry to hear this Ty. I appreciate this must have been an incredibly difficult time and you would have looked at many different ways to help your sister. However, there is no evidence that sucralose causes MS or has an effect. From the National Multiple Sclerosis Society aspartame causing multiple sclerosis (another artificial sweetener) has been disproven: https://www.nationalmssociety.org/What-is-MS/What-Causes-MS We know relatively little about MS, it’s really complex, all I can say is I’m glad your sister has resolved her symptoms

This safety rating downgrade is purely based on cancer risk. A more recent high standard review (rather than a single study that was used to determine the safety rating) shows no association between sucralose and cancer: https://www.bmj.com/content/364/bmj.k4718

In regards to gut issues, the jury is still out on this one for artificial sweeteners as a whole with evidence for both sides, as a result, more research is needed, especially at dietary doses rather than giving mice levels way above that of human consumption: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26932837. It’s also something that we cover in our own sucralose article (link above).

In relation to Huel you would have to consume nearly 14,000 kcal a day to hit the daily limit. For the small percentage of people that suffer gut issues, the increase in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates are more likely to be an issue until the body adjusts over a couple of weeks.