Substitute for now discontinued Chai flavor boost

Sorry to learn that the Chai flavor boost will now be discontinued. It has become a favorite of mine. Anybody know of a substitute chai flavor or powder that can easily/quickly be added for a similar result?

You could always make Chai tea and use it as a substitute for the water you would’ve added - it’s what I do =) I like it strong and use 16-18 oz of water so I use two tea bags, but if you’d like it weaker/use less water, then I think one tea bag would suffice. You can find Chai tea in most major supermarkets or, if you have one, a reputable tea/coffee house. A lot of places order exotic teas and just let them sit on the shelves because no one orders them so they end up being stale when you open them, so I’d be cautious buying from a tea house unless it’s frequently visited and the packages don’t have any dust at all on them.

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I’m sorry to hear you were a big fan of our Chai Flavor Boost😢 The Pumpkin Spice Flavor Boost is actually pretty similar in taste! You should give it a go, I think you might love it❤ @Maria also had some wonderful suggestions above.

Happy holiday season! Let me know if I can assist any further.

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The idea of adding actual Chai tea is intriguing, but I need something fast and simple to prepare day-to-day. I might try that sometime though. In the meantime, I’ll give the Pumpkin Spice a shot and see if that will get me close enough :wink: Happy Holidays guys.

I also really loved the Huel chai powder. Knowing that I could not order it again, I went with this:

It’s not as potent and soluble as the Huel chai flavoring. Some of it will settle to the bottom if not re-stirred or shaken before consuming. However, it tastes good. But you gotta use more of it. I may try another brand but for now this is a decent substitute. And it does get points for the clever “blends with benefits” pun on the label. Note this is just the chai flavoring, not a tea mix, and contains no caffeine.

[edit] Dangit, it says unavailable. Oh well. But that’s an example of what to look for. I am sure on the world of Amazon someone else is making a similar product.

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