Booster flavor hack

So I was pretty bummed out about matcha tea not being available to US customers and made my own flavor booster.

  • 1 matcha tea packet
  • 1 tsp moringa powder
  • 2 scoops of vanilla

I make the matcha tea the night before in hot water so the flavor is better absorbed and let it sit in the fridge through the night. I add moringa when I mix it in the morning with crushed ice because it adds a bit more vitamins and the earthiness contrasts nicely with the sweetness of Huel. Also… it makes it look greener like the UK Huel pictures of it, LOL! I would’ve added more matcha tea, but I guess now I understand why the matcha tea is at a higher price on Huel - it’s expensive :sweat_smile:
Feel free to add any more booster hacks, I bought some freeze dried strawberries I plan to grind into a powder and add to the berry Huel, chai vanilla tea I also make the night before, blueberry tea, powdered peanut butter, and I’m kind of curious to try it with hibiscus tea :grin:

And here I was thinking I’d get bored of drinking the same thing for months


Okay, okay, hear me out on this one… it’s pretty hard to find a low calorie addition to add to chocolate that compliments it, but I think I found one!
Vanilla compliments almost any flavor you put in it. Orange, lemon, blueberry, almost every tea, etc., but chocolate is different. Especially because the flavor is sort of there and sort of not, the taste can get buried by any little thing. But I LOVE chocolate, and I want to taste chocolate when I’m drinking chocolate.

  • 1.5 tablespoons of decaf (or caffeinated, your call!)
  • 2 teaspoons of horchata mix (rice milk & cinnamon) [35 calories]
  • A pinch of cocoa (totally optional, but if you do - add it in with the hot coffee before adding to ice to help bring out the flavor)
    Prepare the coffee first then pour over crushed ice. Although I like to do it overnight. If you’re doing it with hot coffee add more ice than you need because it’s bound to melt. Personally I think the coffee brings out the flavor of the chocolate more, kind of like espresso does with chocolate or how coffee brings out the chocolate in a stout beer. So while the coffee brings out the chocolate flavor, the horchata compliments it. Rice milk, cinnamon, and chocolate?! YUM!

You can find horchata in drink mixes usually in the Hispanic section at your local supermarket

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