Healthier flavors?

I just got my first bags of huel and im really disappointed to see peanut butter discontinued. Its the only thing I could see myself drinking daily. I really dont want to drink something that tatses like dessert for 2/3 meals everyday… when i looked at kachava, they have drinks that are drink-flavored and theyre not too desserty. Like chai and matcha.

Are there plans to make more flavors that are drink-flavored? Various teas or other beverages would be appreciated. Drinking cookies and cream for breakfast is just asking for people to be hardwired to sugar and doesnt really enforce good and healthy longterm habits.

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I suggest you try unflavored and unsweetenef

You can use applesauce and cinnamon to make a satisfying breakfast.

You can get pretty creative with the savory spices already in your pantry. Curry? Pizza flavor? Taco?

I’ve tried some weird combinations… the absolute worst for my palate was vanilla huel and orange juice - it was just insanely sweet - not at all the creamsicle I was hoping for :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a beverage flavor. Maybe a strong black tea instead of water, maybe use less powder? I like a thick shake though, so it might need additional additives to get a deeper flavor

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Ya, I could add my own flavors I guess, but part of the reason Im drinking huel is to save time. Kind of defeats the purpose for me if I have to do extra stuff to make the meal

Over time, I have grown more adventurous with additions of spices or additional ingredients. I now view Huel as a base to start from - most times. I do agree if I am in an ultra hurry, 30 seconds to fill blender bottle and 2 scoops, then run out the door shaking it - that is hard to beat. :slight_smile:

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