Mmm, Starbucks vanilla chai flavor...without the $$$

this morning for my post-workout breakfast shake i decided to try something different. get ready for a flavor explosion in your mouth. i take no responsibility for any damages incurred…

1 scoop ea. of chocolate/vanilla Huel powder
1 tsp. chai flavor booster
2 shakes of cinnamon powder
1 rounded scoop of chocolate protein powder

add 14 oz. of favorite beverage, do the shake thing, add roughly 1-2 more oz. (for a thick shake) 3-4 oz. (for a smoother shake). redo the shake thing. BAM enjoy the sensation :star_struck::ok_hand:

to me this tastes very much like a chai from Starbucks. maybe my barista had her own way of crafting her brews. they were fantastic, regardless. hope you enjoy