Can't find help from customer service

Hi, I have a subscription and I received an email that my next shipment was about to be sent out on August 15th. I logged in my account because I’ve discovered through my previous shipment that I like the chocolate flavor but am not a fan of the vanilla, so I wanted to change my shipment to be 2 bags of chocolate instead of 1 of each flavor. Well I couldnt figure out how to make that work on the website so I emailed customer service. It’s been 2 days and no response. Since I really don’t want the vanilla, I just went on the website again to delay my shipment until I can get this resolved. Now the other problem is, I’m in the process of moving and am not sure if it would arrive in time to my current address. I looked around the website some more for how to update my address and couldn’t figure it out. I wish they just had a phone number for me to talk to a person to get this resolved. Does anyone know how to correct either of these issues please??

You can easily change the flavors and address by signing in to your account. clicking on “manage,” then click the edit button. From there you can change anything you need to.

Hi Alexis! I see my peer Alex responded to your email yesterday confirming that she had updated your subscription to include two bags of Chocolate Huel powder moving forward😄 I can confirm on my end as well that your next subscription order, now scheduled for August 19th, is set to include your Chocolate! I would be happy to ship your next order for you immediately or delay your order and update your delivery address to accommodate your move. Let me know what you think would be best!

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