Stuck FedEx Shipment

My final two boxes of Chocolate RTD appear to be stuck with FedEx with “no scheduled delivery date available.”


The first six boxes were delivered two days ago, so I’m not sure how to “unstick” this final delivery to complete my order. There has been no status change for two days.

I called FedEx – they didn’t help – told me to contact the company that shipped the box for assistance.

Please advise.

Edited to Add: The lesson I’ve learned is to only order 6 boxes at a time and not eight, because the FedEx contract appears, from other experiences, to limit deliverability to three boxes at a time per address; and then any other boxes in the same order can be delivered at will – based on remaining space on the truck – and without a dedicated delivery date.

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I feel your pain. The only thing the shipping companies (UPS/FedEx) do that irritate me more, is shipping the goods all the way to your town, then handing it off to the post office, delaying it another couple of days.

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Thank you, my friend!

The trick, with FedEx, is figuring out what constitutes a “three box” delivery, and you can’t really know that unless, and until, the packer sets the delivery options.

For Huel, it is now 2 boxes per box. For Soylent, it is four boxes per box. So, with Soylent, you can order twice as much, and not worry about the FedEx Ground/Home delay.

FedEx Ground just updated my final Huel “delivery date” to Tuesday – which is a week longer then the original delivery of the first 6 boxes – and I find that completely unacceptable for the money spent.

FedEx just updated.

Delivery is set – for now – on Tuesday.

Still – not an acceptable timeline – a week of separation between initial delivery and final delivery is just wrong.

Sorry to hear this mate! Def isn’t ideal to receive a package in such a split shipment–I will give my fulfillment center a holler and see if this is something on our end or FedEx’s.

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Thanks for the help. The last box was rescheduled for delivery today – then, suddenly, not – and was just reset for delivery tomorrow. For six hours it was being delivered today, until I guess they decided not to…

FedEx have now changed their delivery date for this box three times.

I know this is part of your contract agreement with FedEx – that they can do this nonsense with Ground shipments based on truck availability – but it would be worth an extra price to me to have all orders delivered the same day, and not spaced out like this. It makes it difficult to track and stay in the loop. I like to get my stuff while I’m here, and not out in the field.

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Final box of 2 cases was delivered today in a regular flimsy shipping box, not the hardcore sturdy shipping box.

All 8 cases shipped from Pennsylvania, so – interesting!

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Thanks for the info, boles. This helps! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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I’m grateful to feel complete! SMILE!

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Do you see what he did there? He made a pun. You know, because Huel is a complete food… ahhh, you guys get it. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I am a fan of puns.


Ha! Love it!

First, I was going to say to Tyler “You complete me” – but I thought that would be a little too odd and intimate here. SMILE!

Then, I thought to go for “Huel completes me” – but I thought that would be too on the button and obvious.

So I went with what you quoted – which turned out to be the best reply based on your reply!