Strawberry flavoring (US)

My strawberry flavor packet arrived yesterday and I used it for my morning Huel today. I use vanilla Huel, which by itself I still enjoy after so much use. In short, the strawberry flavoring is very nice. I was worried the powder might change the color of my Huel - but it is white powder and it doesn’t change the color at all. I used about 1tbsp for my 3 scoop morning shake and it’s perfect. Not too sweet, but I can tell that it’s there. I wouldn’t hesitate using strawberry if you’re on the fence. I’ll probably get a few different flavors now too.


I just want to confirm that is one tablespoon, correct? That is the abbreviation you used, but in one of the other threads there was dissatisfaction with a fraction of a teaspoon not being enough so wanted to draw attention to the quantity used.

(1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons)

Oops. That’s teaspoon.

If I use 127g of Huel, I add 3g of flavor for a 130g powder + 500ml water shake and it seems to work. That’s a 508-calorie. meal. The scoops are really inaccurate because the stuff packs and tends to vary in density depending on how the bag is handled, from my experience. I keep a scale near my Huel and measure into the shaker cup. If I’m going to be out, I pre measure the powder into the shaker, throw it into my bag and add water when I’m ready to have my Huel.

I have to give props to the mint chocolate flavoring- just got it today and had for lunch- tastes like a Girl Scout thin mint cookie… I have the cappuccino flavoring also and am about to try in the morning - I tend to avoid fruit flavorings - but with what I am hearing I may try the strawberry soon.


Are the flavor shots sweetened at all? I know you said it wasn’t too sweet, but I have issues with sucralose, which is the sweetener in the vanilla huel and don’t want to try the flavor shots and have problems. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure they are not sweetened. Here are the ingredients taken from the Huel website:

None of those look like sweeteners to me.

Depending on why you might be concerned about sugar, you might consider inulin a type of sugar :

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There are no sweeteners in the flavor boosts. :+1: