HALP! Scary berry flavor!

Tried the berry today for the first time… YIKES. Any tips to make it a bit more tasty??
Are the ~flavor packets~ worth giving a try? Or maybe something at home I can add in?
Taste a little sour and had to just plug my nose and slam it down!


I rather like the berry.

But I have also added fruits to it which can enhance the flavor. I find blending a banana does well with a berry flavor. Frozen berries themselves can help.

If you find it a bit too sour, I wonder if tossing in a packet of stevia might be all you need. It’s easy, available from many stores, and simple.

As far as flavor packets, Huel’s caramel flavor packet added to vanilla Huel is the best combo I’ve found. This also works well with a banana and or peanut butter (or PB2 powder). However I am not sure caramel would go well with the berry Huel.


I didnt think to add PB2 powder, that’s a great idea! Thanks!


I like adding the strawberry flavor boost to the berry just to make it extra berry!

Tried Berry and I am not a fan. The flavour just tastes very artificial and even in a blender with oat milk, it is bitty and just too darn thick. I have to finish my pouch though, so I am doing a berry, 1 in three days just to get shot of it.


Yes, I switched up my subscription and dropped the chocolate to try the berry and I am so not a fan. I’m trying everything to help me power through this pouch because I really don’t like it at all, the artificial flavor hangs out in the back of my mouth in very unsettling way.

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I add a cup of unfiltered apple juice. The rest is still water, but that apple juice really helps the flavor.


Thanks for asking this question; I have had the same reaction to Berry! I have a bag and a half that I am just keeping for “last resort purposes” in case there is a gap between my regular shipments.

Agreed, Berry flavor, to me, is not good. Very artificially-berry tasting to me.