Strange side-effects

150lbs 5’ 11" healthy and active male here, I don’t have any health issues nor am I on medication for anything. I’m not trying to lose weight or build muscle, just looking for a sustainable, healthy meal substitute. When I read about Huel I got really excited, great for the environment, animals, and humans! Wow what a win!

I got the vanilla flavor and it tasted good and drinking it wasn’t a problem. And after 2 days of 3 meals at 127g each my digestive track felt incredible. But…

I had low acid reflux the whole time, my lips started feeling strange, like they were thin and brittle. By the end of 2 days this feeling was spreading to the inside of my mouth. And this is super weird but the palms of my hands felt similar too, thin and brittle. After eating my last meal I felt mentally cloudy for about 5 minutes while I was in class.

I’m not a complainer, I usually push through challenges to wait stuff out but these responses are so strange that I think it wise to discontinue Huel.

That’s a pretty big change pretty fast. Start low and go slow, maybe try replacing just breakfast with Huel and eating some regular food and see if the symptoms persist. I have been drinking Huel 2-3 times a day for months and I have almost never had reflux. I never experienced the other stuff you’re talking about. I hope you are feeling ok.

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Did you look through the ingredients to see if you could be allergic to any of them?

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Save penicillin, I have no known allergies.