Hi I have been using Huel now for about a week. It tastes good and is easy to drink but I have noticed after about an hour or so quite unpleasant heartburn/acid reflux.
I am putting three scoops in 400ml of oat milk and having two of these a day. I have seen suggestions of reducing the scoops to two per “meal” but that defeats the object of the amount that I want to consume. Should I try three meals of two scoops instead do you think?

Yeah definitely try smaller portions and see if that helps.

I have acid reflux. Got the full endoscopy and workup from my gastroenterologist. Interesting, Huel doesn’t give me reflux. I find it rather easy to tolerate and digest.

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Give 3 smaller meals a shot and see if it helps. Sometimes your body just needs time to adjust.

How fast do you drink your shakes? Maybe try sipping them over a longer period of time if you can.

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We also recommend drinking plenty of water and to avoid consuming hot beverages alongside your Huel, i.e. a morning coffee. :+1:

Thankyou for all your replies, appreciated. I have now changed over from oatmilk to almond milk and so far ( even with three scoops) not had any heartburn. I did read that almond milk is alkaline and I suppose that could counteract acid reflux. It actually tastes pretty good too.
Only one observation about Huel would be that although not overly expensive it is not a cheap option for meal replacement/supplement. Surely if it were cheaper many more people would purchase it.