Five Day Huel Report - Interesting Problems with Solutions

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a little time out of my week to tell you all how my Huel experience is going so far, because it might help some of you who might be on the fence on whether or not this is right for you, or who might be experiencing some of the same issues that I did.

So to begin, I decided to try Huel because for as long as I have been an adult, eating has been a very stressful task for me. I’m a very health conscious person and I eat a certain way to prevent unnecessary hunger and the blood sugar crashes I am prone to. That means I can’t just go grab some fast food when I am in a hurry, and because I am health conscious, the food I eat tends to be on the expensive side. This has made eating such a huge chore for me that I honestly wished I didn’t have to eat at all! I felt envious of our pets - they get “dog food” or “cat food” already pre-made with all of the nutrition they need without having to spend any time preparing or purchasing ingredients - why didn’t such a thing exist for humans?

And then I found Huel! I decided to give ya’ll a shot because it’s the only meal alternative that doesn’t have Soy in it or any other ingredient that I can’t eat. So I bought two bags - Vanilla and Plain - just to see which I would like best. Game on!

So the first day I tried Vanilla. I mixed up 500 calories worth, gulped it all down, and then went to work. On my way there, my tummy started feeling funny. I could feel pressure building, and by the end of the night I was bloated, constipated and in pain. I figured it was because I was too dehydrated to handle that much fiber, so I drank as much water as I could. It seemed to help, and before bed I felt well enough to have another 500 calorie vanilla Huel. Again, stomach pains for about an hour this time and then it went away. However, I had SO MUCH ENERGY that I couldn’t sleep! Effect of the Huel or just excited to be trying something new? I don’t know, but my energy was sustained throughout the day, despite the stomach pains. That alone kept me interested.

Day 2 I decide to try the plain Huel. Perhaps it was the Sucralose that was bothering my stomach? I mixed up 500 calories worth and drank it slowly while I was doing my make up, taking special care to “chew” a little so my saliva mixes in and aids the digestion process. No stomach pain this time! Horray! I went to work and my energy was sustained. Had a small bowel movement at last. All was good, except one thing: I wasn’t hungry, but I wanted to eat! Suddenly I was craving warm spicy foods with a lot of fat. Strange? I ended up going to Whole Foods and indulging myself with pulled pork, butter noodles, and ice cream! It was unlike me, but also glorious in a way because it’s been so long that I could eat without feeling like it was a chore. That alone made it worth it! So I continued on my Huel journey.

The next day, I go with 500 calories of plain Huel, and once again I had sustained energy but a strong craving for fat and spice. I figured this was because Huel is a “cold” drink and my body type does better with warming, fatty, spicy foods. So today, not wanting to spend more money indulging on pulled pork and butter noodles, I decided to go with a hunch: I bought some really high quality, grass fed butter ghee and added about a tablespoon to my 500 calorie Huel shake, along with some Cinnamon, Tumeric, and Nutmeg. Not only did it taste AMAZING but it totally did the trick! It’s been 7 hours since I had that last Huel shake, and I feel 100% satisfied. Yay! Thank you Huel!

So there you go!.I will continue to take plain Huel with butter ghee and see what the future has in store! Cheer Hueler’s!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and to help new/future Huelers! We love having you as a part of the Huel community. Keep it up! :clap:

How many grams or tsp did you add to the mix of each: Cinnamon, turmeric, and Nutmeg?

not so much spicy but holy cow I really craving super fat foods, and that is kinda weird, I have been doing meal replacements for a looonnnggg time and haven’t had cravings this strong ever before.

Paul, are you still struggling with cravings? Huel is typically good at suppressing cravings, but everyone is different. Perhaps, you’ll want to check out this video of our registered nutritionist and co-founder, James Collier, discussing how to fight off cravings. Hope this helps!

On Friday I went out with coworkers for lunch…which I never do…and got a Bacon-Mushroom-Swiss burger with onion rings, haven’t had a craving since. I love to use meal replacements for my routine food, I realized I couldn’t eat unhealthy all week for lunch and still be healthy. So my routine includes Huel and I still have some Soylent, but I do eat food on occasions. Like when my office has meetings that are catered, I eat. I call it special occasion food. I have found that as long as I stick to my routine 95% of the time those special occasions are a nice break and I enjoy the food more.