Stop Mistreating Trans Huelegans

You sent me a survey to fill out, but I never got past the first question. Treating the beautiful spectrum of gender diversity this poorly is deeply upsetting. Once you start respecting me as a human, as well as my trans siblings, I will gladly answer your survey.

PS: if you want help understanding how to properly formulate this question so that it’s gender-inclusive, please let me know! I’d be glad to help!

We are incredibly appreciative of you raising this feedback, so thank you. No offence was intentional, but we understand and apologize for any upset caused.

I believe my colleague has already been in touch via social media, but I would like to reiterate here that we will be updating our surveys to be as inclusive as possible. We’re seeking advice on our end, but if you in turn have any suggestions then please don’t hesitate to comment on this thread or send me a private message and I’ll be sure to pass them on!

Hi @Shivian, when I read this post, I see that I would make the exact same user interface mistake. What is the correct interface? I understood you contact Huel privately, but also I’d like to know how to do this properly :slight_smile:

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I am also curious how “properly” is suggested to be done here.