If you have issues with another user in the forums

…act like an adult and start a dialogue with the offending person. try talking out your disagreements and working towards an amicable solution.

what you don’t do is post the person’s personal information in the forums. you own your decision, like an adult, and move on.

when you post someones personal information online it is available to everyone. anyone can look up that person now, for whatever reason, and stalk them…or harass them…or cause otherwise questionable mischievousness.

hopefully the person that needs to read this does. i tried to message them directly and they blocked me. i couldn’t figure out how to report the offending post by itself at first, so i flagged the entire thread. my bad, OP. i wasn’t trying to cause you any headaches. this is ridiculous.

don’t be THAT keyboard warrior, trying to buy yourself some cool points. have some respect for yourself, and try to practice having empathy or compassion for everyone else.

Hi Chris,

If you have a particularly issue with anyone you can always let me know. We like the Huel forum to be a place of active discussion and transparency. We all share a similar interest which is Huel so let’s keep it friendly.

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good to know. still using Huel and working my program :wink::ok_hand: