Stick with fruit flavors, stay away from Choco & Cafe Latte

Tried Chocolate and Cafe Latte because I’m a coffee/chocolate guy. They don’t mix with water for $#!@.
Absolute crap taste, sorry Huel but you didn’t nail it on this one.

My friend had some fruit flavors that were good. IF I go another round, I’ll be shifting to the fruits… IF.
I highly doubt I will bother going another round though.

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Hey @Jammers1971,
So sorry that was your experience with those flavors. Taste is subjective so we understand not all of our flavours are going to hit the spot for everyone! Please drop our team an email at or drop us a DM as we would love to help you out on your Huel journey :two_hearts:

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berry, vanilla and original are pretty good.

Interesting how tastes are so subjective. I absolutely love the cafe Latte and think the chocolate is okay. I haven’t tried any of the fruit flavors yet.

I make my Cafe Latte after dinner for breakfast the following morning. I drink high quality coffee as well and the Cafe Latte flavor is pleasant to me. Taste is subjective for sure. Ultimately it’s your choice so eat what you like. It took a little experimenting for me to get the HS meals right. Now all is well.