SOS Berry is gross

New to Huel. Tried berry because I read such good reviews and I can barely gag it down. I’ve read a lot of threads where people have added stuff to vanilla and chocolate, but I wanna know what people have added to berry to make it taste better? Give me all your tips and tricks :blush:

Try using a blender. What exactly you don’t like? The texture, the flavor, both?

A mixture of both. I did try a blender and it helped a little with the grainy texture. But, I still can’t get past the flavor. I might try with Almond milk to see if that will mask it at all…

I think berry Huel in plant milk and water is great. 7 out of 10. A few additives can make it even better. Like a banana or frozen berries. Apple or applesauce probably works too. I’m definitely ordering this flavor next order.

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Ok so I tried a few different things. This morning I used 1 scoop, used unsweetened almond milk, a blender ball, and some ice… GAME CHANGER. I’m still not super in love with the taste, but I’m not gagging it down either. I’m planning on trying it with some puréed strawberries to amplify the berry flavor :+1:t2:

I agree. I just got the Berry flavor, with high hopes (I really enjoy vanilla and chocolate). I do not like the berry. There isn’t a way to exchange an opened Berry is there?

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I actually like the berry but I can understand your point. I’ve done a few different things to the berry to enhance its appeal. The first one I did was one scoop of berry and one scoop of vanilla, it changes the flavor a bit and is very good. My favorite to do with the berry is one scoop of berry and one scoop of chocolate with a teaspoon of chocolate flavoring and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry, it’s really good!

I too am not a fan of the new Berry flavor. It has that fake processed cereal berry taste. I’ve tried multiple way’s to mask it including blending with a banana. The only mixtures that seemed to taste good were the ones that hid the berry flavor all together.

I am on the other hand a huge fan of the new Chocolate flavor. My recurring future orders reflect my taste preference.

I agree that the Berry Huel has a cereal taste, I like it generally but it is very sweet. I like it with some powdered PB added.

I’ve been blending the berry with orange juice and some raspberries and that has been pretty decent. I actually didn’t like the berry as well though, so next time I’m ordering the vanilla and the unflavored but with some of the flavor boosts.