Flavor questions

Thinking about ordering some Huel since I have a bad habit of only coffee for breakfast (which just leaves me hungrier than if I skip breakfast altogether). I have a few questions about the different flavors, especially since I’m not a big fan of overly sweet things (some reading on the forum has told me to avoid salted caramel and banana). Not looking for weight loss or anything, just trying to make sure I actually get breakfast on days I’m running late (which is always).

How’s the caffe latte? Good enough to replace coffee for a daily coffee drinker (coffee and some sort of non-dairy milk, no sweetener usually)? What about the original? Is it kinda like oat milk? I’ve seen mixed reviews on chocolate, what’s the opinion on that? Opinions on unflavored? Or just favorite less sweet flavors. Tell me your thoughts please!

Hey @ssk,
I would totally check out our Caffe Latte flavor in addition to our chocolate. Both of those flavors are less sweet so I think they can hit the spot for you! In regards to original, it has a sweet oaty taste, I find it less sweet than vanilla but they definitely have a similar sweetness profile. For unflavored unsweetened, if you are going to make smoothies with it and add your own sweeteners you totally can, but I would not drink it alone!
I personally like to make my Huel with almond milk from time to time(sometimes I make my vanilla with coffee as well)
Hope all of this is helpful, let me know if you have further questions :blush:

Not everyone has a friend around when they’re having Huel. :wink:

I drank U/U for over a year before Black existed.

If you have/had already reduced your sugar intake, U/U is pretty good.

As far as a coffee drinker skipping coffee for any other beverage… we might revoke your membership card for even suggesting such a thing. Just curious, are you drinking unsweetened black coffee or something that has sugar/fat/protein in it?

I like to drink my coffee with almond milk most of the time, but sometimes when I really need an extra kick AND am hungry, I will do the Black Edition Coffee Caramel with a little extra shot of espresso(if that is what you are asking :two_hearts: ):wink:

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Thank you! I will check those two out. Making it with coffee sounds good!

I usually drink it with some form of non-dairy milk, like oat or soy or almond (or occasionally regular full fat milk, it just doesn’t taste very good with coffee imo, but if I buy it for cooking ¯_(ツ)_/¯). I don’t typically add any sweetener. (I did used to mix up some left over coffee, cocoa powder, honey, milk, and chia seeds for breakfast the next morning, but I fell out of habit, and it’s been hard to pick back up.)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve reduced my sugar intake (I just made cinnamon rolls this morning and cheesecake last night), but I don’t typically add sweeteners to smoothies, and I typically half the sugar of recipes, just as a matter of personal taste (overly sugary stuff just isn’t very appealing).

It seems that u/u is the only one without sucralose? Which I have to admit, I am not a fan of (both flavor wise and as a biologist). Has anyone tried mixing u/u with coffee and milk? I like my fancy froofy coffee as much as the next latte drinker, but I take coffee every which way.

Unflavored/unsweetened Huel powder mixes with just about anything. Milk, oat milk, fruit juice, pancake batter, muffin batter, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kool-Aid, etc. But coffee? I don’t drink coffee, but I imagine that Huel powder mixed with coffee would ruin them both: the coffee gets thick and the Huel gets bitter. Huel and beer probably wouldn’t be a good combination either.