RTD Chocolate, Berry & Vanilla CONSTANTLY Out of Stock

For quite some time now the RTD Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry are out of stock. No offense to people who like it, but the banana is super gross :face_vomiting:

I can’t seem to find any info on any of the boards about what is going on or when it will be resolved. I have gotten family and everyone I know (and they have gotten their families and everyone they know) to drink Huel in all of its forms over the years. We also use the powders, but life requires the RTD as well. Especially for the people with health conditions. Now, we are all struggling to get the products we need. Can someone please shed some light on what is going on and when we will be able to get the RTD in good flavors again?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :blush:

Hey @azsweet,
I totally hear you and glad you are loving RTD. Bummed you don’t like Banana(I love it, but understand not everyone loves banana flavored things :joy:)
I’m so sorry that we’re currently out of stock of every flavor of RTD besides Banana! It probably goes without saying that this was due to much higher than expected demand over the last couple of months.
Unfortunately, only to exacerbate the problem, shipping times to get our brand new stock in have been drastically delayed (triple the usual time!), so it looks like it’ll be out until around the beginning of May.
We just aren’t able to confirm a definite date, as the delays are external to us and subject to change.
Really want to get you that RTD trust me! It is incredibly important to us to keep our Hueligans Happy but know we are working on it :muscle::two_hearts:

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I will pass the info along to all of my people and keep an eye out for May. Stay safe and healthy :mask:

Thanks again!