I'm tired of RTD berry being constantly sold out all the time

I check every single day and it is always unavailable. And I don’t wanna hear any CoronaVirus excuses because it was sold out last year too before the CoronaVirus was even a thing.

Every time it’s sold out I am forced to switch back to regular food which I am trying to avoid.

Are you listening, Huel? I have money and I want to give it to you. Fix your supply issues.

How do you really feel? Lol

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The reason for the RTD delays may be the old processing facility then and setting up the new factory now:

We’re listening, @Jason, I promise🙌🏼And I am truly sorry for the delay with Berry Ready-to-Drink, it’s the last piece of getting our stock puzzle back in great shape! Thanks for re-sharing that post right above @boles - we’re just about there😁

Berry Ready-to-Drink should be available on the US site mid-June.

Thanks so much for being patient with us and have yourself a wonderful remainder of your day! :heart: